Attention New Hampshire 4x4 Owners:

Off Roading as we know it has ended in New Hampshire. New Hampshire Fish & Game has started holding street legal, registered 4x4 trucks to the same laws which apply to OHRVs.

What this means to us is this: We can no longer use private land in New Hampshire without written permission, even if we have VERBAL permission.  The problem lies in that most landowners who have happily let us use their lands for years won't sign for us to use their lands.  The assume that by signing something, more liability is put on the landowner, opening them up to lawsuits.

Lands which are privately owned are: Power Line trails, logging roads, and almost every little "side of the road" trail that used to be legal to use. Remember, if its not a town road, or legal OHRV use facility, chances are its privately owned.  If you have any question about a trail, visit the local town hall.  Property maps are public records, and you can check to see who owns a particular section of trail.

Due to this ruling, which has been in effect for well over a year, our club is not taking on new members.  With no legal local trails, its pointless to have an active local 4x4 club.  There are several clubs in surrounding states, where its legal to 'wheel.  Please search the web, or our links page, to find information about them.  We hope that our club will be able to restart in the future, but for now, there are no new memberships.

I encourage anyone who disagrees with NHF&G's policies to contact them at 603-271-3211.  Let them know how you feel.

Fish & Game is claiming that landowners have been complaining about illegal use of their land by 4x4 owners.  In reality, its not the landowners themselves that are complaining the most, its a few angry abutters to those lands who want the land closed for their own greedy uses.  With the new policies, F&G isn't even policing the trails fairly! Clubs are being watched closely by F&G, and groups of 4x4s are being harassed, but locals are still using the trails and destroying them!  The real culprits, the reason the trails are closed, aren't the ones being prosecuted!  Many locals don't even know the trails are closed.  The ones who do don't care, since F&G leaves them alone.  F&G is targetting 4x4 clubs unfairly, even though we are the ones who use the trails responsibly!

PLEASE, don't break the law; if you have a problem with the trail closures, contact F&G at the above number and complain, but stay off the trails!  We have to show who the responsible parties are, and that the trail conditions don't change just by keeping clubs off them.

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