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Dear Visitor,

Please consider this proposal for a sponsorship partnership between you or your business and NERO Adventure Racing.

Our team consists of four main members: Matt Sheffield, Janice Ashworth, Chris Algar, and Tyson Dyck.  We all have a background in distance running and have competed on varsity cross-country and track teams, achieving many individual accolades along the way.  From these individual sports, we take experience in national caliber competition, a solid work ethic, a positive drive for success, and a few ribbons for mom's scapbook.  For more details on our athletic history, please see our

Together we are even stronger.  Members of our team have consistently finished in the top three in many major adventure races, both in Canada and the U.S.  In our short career, we have established ourselves as one of the best young teams in the country.  For
race results, please click here.

We hope to build upon our success later this year and next season.  To do so, we hope to secure sponsorship that will help us pay the entry fees for major races and gather the equipment necessary for us to compete at the top level.  Our immediate goal is to compete in the
Florida Swamp Stomp on February 18-19, 2006, where we will go head to head with the America's best.  We are seeking a sponsor to help us cover the entry fee and gather equipment for this and our other upcoming events.

Of course, we view any potential sponsorship as a partnership.  We believe your involvement would benefit not only our team, but also you or your business; indeed, we can offer you much exposure in one of North America's fastest growing sports.

We can compete under your or your business's name, a great way to advertise.  As our title sponsor, your name would feature prominently on all race material and websites.

We can also work with race organizations to have your product featured at various events, whether as prizing for race participants or in brochures or as samples distributed to competitors, or as equipment we will use and recommend at our races.

We can write race reports and take pictures of your product in action for use on your website or in your mailouts and catalogues.

Our team can also feature your business or product on this website.  We would add your logo and any other information to these pages, which would then be linked to the competitor sites of all of our races.  This page is also a searchable resource for the racing community, and your product would be advertised to all who view it.

Finally, our team can work closely with your public relations department to develop any other strategy that will promote your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to
contact us.  We would greatly appreciate any funding or equipment you could offer.  In return, we hope to use
our athletic pursuits to bring your business or product
to the forefront of adventure racing and
the community that follows it.

Best Regards,

NERO Adventure Racing
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