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   Hello! My name is Ash. I am 19 years old. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, but I am originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia (U.S.A.) and have been living in Australia for the past 5 years. This year will be my second year at college (uni) here in Australia that will result in me becoming a Physical Educator/ Personal Trainer.
Me and my cat, Biscuit
Name:  Ash Loker

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My car before the accident
  As I'm sure many of you know, December 26, 2004 was perhaps one of the most terrifying and disasterous days of our time. Thousands of people from around the globe were affected by the tsunami that struck parts of Asia. This day may forever be regarded as a tragedy that broke the hearts of so many, asking us all to help out in any way we possibly could. However, the Asian Tsunami was not the only disaster that occured on December 26, 2004.
    At approximately 2:30pm Sydney Local Time, I was in my car which is pictured above. A man decided to run a red light which resulted in him crashing into the left back side of my car. Luckly, no one who was involved was hurt. Although it was my first accident, through no fault of mine, it still haunts me to this day.
My car both before and after the accident
   Thankfully, both myself and the other party had car insurance, however, as time past, it seemed as though he had no conscience. He had told both the police and the insurance company to which we both belong to, the real story, but it was proven that as time went by and he was put under more and more pressure, his story changed to suit his needs, thus was the case that I discovered after contacting him a week after the accident. Currently because of the story change, the insurance company is confused as to who is really at fault and has put our situation on hold. And this is where I need your help!!
   My story, just like the tsunami, is real. Because the insurance company needs time to decide the outcome of this matter, I would like to take my car and get it fixed myself, unfortunately, I do not have the funds to do this.
    Now I know what you are probably thinking - "She's a lazy girl, with no job or direction and this is completely illegal..."
    Well actually, if you were thinking this, you are wrong. I do have a job, in fact, I have just started a second job to earn an extra income, and hopefully, by July of this year, I will be commencing Army officer training in Duntroon so I can join the Royal Australian Army Reserves. So no, I am not lazy, I'm just trying to complete my college degree will earning much needed income on the side. And YES, I have also checked into this and it is NOT ILLEGAL. Any money you do send is by your own free will.
    I honest to god would like to get my car fixed, hopefully by April, and I will need to have raised $3,000AUS to do so. With your help, I'll be able to do this, maybe even quicker than I planned. So please, if by any chance you have any spare change lying around the house or appartment, send it my way! I don't expect all that much money to be sent to me and I know that there are descent people out there who have already given all they can to another cause. If you are considering sending money, I can accept cash or cheques. All cheques can be made out and sent to the name and address at the top of the page. I promise that if you send me a return address with your donation, I'll send you back a thankyou card personally handwritten by me! For all of you who have read this far, I thank you for your time and consideration and I will forever be grateful for your help!!
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