Name     : Nerissa Galicia Bernado
  Nickname : Nhes, Neri, Risa
  Sex      : Female
  Civil Status : Single
  Citizenship  : Filipino
  Religion     : Seventh-Day Adventist
  Date of Birth  : April 19, 1984
  Place of Birth : Davao City
  Height : 5'1"
  Weight : 42 Kg
  Course Graduated : Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  Home Address : Purok 6 Mudiang Bunawan District, Davao City
  Present Address : #163 J. Seno St. Mabolo, Cebu City
  Father     : Hermenegildo Dormentes Bernado
  Occupation : Farmer
  Mother     : Ediltrudes Galicia Bernado
  Occupation : Government Employee


      Well guys, I like reading, cooking and watching television.I like people who are simple, friendly, responsible and thoughtful. I hate those who are full of pretense, selfish, messy and no word of honor.


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