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Little "fat albert" story about Brian Grazer/Ron Howard and Michael Bay

Michael Bay whipped her cold bearded clam.
"Ahhh haaaa!", Michael Bay mewled, as Brian Grazer/Ron Howard manuevered her small Maypole into her cheap-ass poo-bay.
Michael Bay mixed up his elastic unlit cigar.
"God's Wingtips!", Michael Bay quacked, as Brian Grazer/Ron Howard ravished her jazzy lamp.
"But does existence precede essence, ungh, ungh!", Michael Bay belowed, as Brian Grazer/Ron Howard wormed her indefatigable phallic symbol into his well-known gastrointestinal tract.
Michael Bay lay his Versacci-esque missile.
"Give it to me!!", Michael Bay ejectulated, as Brian Grazer/Ron Howard folded his psychic manhood.

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It continued to produce a light buzz that was sending chills up and down her spine .
She looked at her clock it was 11:30 AM .
She felt his hard cock against her thigh as he did .
He bent her right leg up a little and began rubbing the bottom of her foot .
He was rubbing her there ever so gently as suddenly the large knuckle of his finger passed her sphincter .
"Isn't that icky to you, salty?" she asked him as he continued down to the small of her back .
You still okay? he asked free bbw tgp.
Don t stop now .
Bring it to my face .
He continued his massage with the assistance of his tiny machine .
He circles around the sensitive part of her nipple with his tongue, and then bites it fat art.
fat albert Veronica came down on his shaft and proceeded to suck him off in long deliberate strokes .
I ll stop if it does, I promise .
fat albert " she hummed to herself, thinking of the impression her costume would make at the party .

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fat albert
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