Mens Mysteries Study Group
The Order of the Sons of the Merlin

The Order of the Sons of the Merlin(OSM) is a group dedicated to to the spiritual growth of the Men in the Pagan community. We started as a small study group in Florida, but feel that our work could resonate with many men trying to find their way in predominantly matriarchal traditions.
For over two thousand years organized religions ignored, ,arginalized and persecuted the female aspect of the Divine. With the revival of Paganism in the mid-twentieth century, the pendulum swung to the opposite pole - a necessary reaction - and Goddess worship completely overshadowed the important but diminished role of the male aspect of Divinity. We feel it is time for the balance to be restored.
We do not wish to Surplant or Dominate the Women of the Craft. We wish, rather, a symbiotic and equal relationship, a balancing of the polarities, and a productive working partnership with our sisters. We feel this can only further the spiritual growth of the Pagan community.
We accept those of ALL paths, and do not discriminate on the basis of tradition, race or sexual orientation.  WE DO NOT TOLERATE BIGOTRY OF ANY KIND. We are all brothers and sisters, including those who follow Abrahamic traditions, and we treat all spiritual seekers with total respect.
Join us in our journey to discover the God within and, in so doing, Join with the Goddess within. Join us - WITH OPEN HEART AND OPEN MIND.

Blessed Be

The Sons of the Merlin
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