Welcome to Nerd Reality's very first Online Reality Game!

For our first plunge into these types of games, we're picking the nerdiest one of all: Pokemon. If you're going to take a dive, take the ultimate one!

Now I know what you're thinking: Pokemon is for kids. What would this game have to offer me?

Well, I personally know that there are a lot of really bad ORG's out there. This game is completely different. I put a LOT of thought into this. All of the challenges have been planned out, all of the twists have been planned out, basically everything will have been completed aside from the actual playing part by the time you start!

And you heard me right: there will be plenty of twists! Throw everything you think about ordinary survivor formula's out the window, because the games I've got planned will be beyond your craziest expectations! Don't worry though, things will never get too complicated. At it's heart, it's always going to be a survivor game. Compared to games I've seen recently, it should be a back-to-basics sort of deal.

So, specifically, why is this game awesome? Well, it revolved around the world of Pokemon. I'm sure you've all heard of it, and have at least dabbled. Yes, there will be evolving. Yes, there will be badges, and YES you will actually be playing as Pokemon. Who knows, you may end up playing as your favorite? Or you may end up with a rival playing as your favorite. Giving away any more would ruin all of the amazing things I have planned.

So, are you ready to set free your inner nerd? He's been dying to get out.

Game will run less than a month, and will start as soon as I have enough reasonable applications.

Game is also Masked. Meaning, you will not know who the players are. AIM screen names will be provided at the start.



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