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The Aqua Realm ( aka sachis 411 )
full name: Terri Sachiko Swanberg
what i go by: sachi swanberg
birthday: July 8, 1987
age: 15
haircolor: brown
hobbies: art, frends (in general), swimming, talking disigning, just being me!
likes: physyology and art
sportz?: yah i like them, i suck at them but i like them.
turn ons: a guy who is a complete sweety, funny, someone i connect to, complements and feeling loved (im a sucker for romance ^.~),respect, musitions (so sexy!) and just basicly someone who has a personality that i just love ^.~
turn offs: mean ppl, ppl who think that they are hot stuff, druggies, pplz who do any form of drugs, alcahol, and ppl who like to piss other pplz off for fun
martial status: single
height: 5"7
weight:115 lbs
dream: to help as many ppl as i possibly can, to find the perfect guy,
fears: heights, rape, being left all alone
wanna go home??
konichiwa welcome to my home!!
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