Extreme - B-Sides

Here is a list of the songs by Extreme (or related Songs) heard by only a few of us:

From - Extreme's Debut
  • Nice Place to Visit
  • Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today) (remix)
  • Kid Ego (east coast version)
  • Little Girls (edited version)
  • Early Demos (Funky Metal Holiday, Never Strong As You, etc
    on bootleg)
  • Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry Cover Live on bootleg)
  • Songs from Gary's The Dream on original Vinyl release (scarce)

    From - The Pornograffitti era
  • Get The Funk Out (12' dance remix)
  • Get The Funk Out (7' dance remix)
  • Sex 'n' Love
  • More Than Words (acapella)
  • Love of My Life (a Queen cover)
  • More Than Words (Edited version with different acoustic
    guitar thump, with Nuno & Gary singing, and different
    ending than full length album version)
  • More Than Words (Remixed with added percussion,
    Better song than full length album version)
  • 2 Nuno Bettencourt Guitar Solo Instrumentals
    (Bumblebee - Crash Landing, Guitarists That Rule
    The World)

    From - The III Sides era
  • Don't Leave Me Alone (Not a B-Side, but it's only
    on the cassette tape version of III Sides To Every Story)
  • Cupids Dead (horns mix)
  • Hole Hearted (horns mix)
  • Help (a Beatles cover)
  • Monica
  • Queen Medley (on some bootleg, from FMTC)
  • Rise 'n' Shine (acoustic version)
  • When I'm President (live version)
  • Christmas Time Again
  • Where You Going?
    (from the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack)

    From - The Punchline era
  • Fair-Weather Faith (On all versions except OOP US one)
  • When Will It Rain (slated to be on Album)
  • Better Off Dead (slated to be on Album)
  • Never Been Funked (slated to be on Album)
  • Unconditionally (2 versions - nuno & cherone remixes)
  • Strutter (a Kiss cover)
  • Tell Me Something I Don't Know (live version)
  • Am I Ever Gonna Change? (live version)
  • Kid Ego (live version)
  • Naked (live version)

    From - The Schizo era
  • Hop The Train (Only on Japanese Release of Album)
  • Garbage
  • Gravity (cracked arizona remix)
  • 60% Masterbation (Long live Guitar Solo Piece, by Nuno)

    From - The Van Halen 3 era
  • That's Why I Love You
  • Once (remix)
  • Live on MTV's the 10 Spot (on some bootleg)

    From - Mourning Widows era
  • And The Winner Is? (demo) (On Japanese only release)
  • Sex 'n' A Jar (demo) (On Japanese only release)
  • Upside Downside (remix version)
  • Sick Punk
  • All Automatic (remix)
  • The Air That U Breathe (remix)
  • Traffic Jam-Zombies (Original song, Live on some
    MWS bootlegs)
  • Love Is A Cigarrette (Solo Piece, Instrumental)

    From - Tribe Of Judah era
  • Need I Say More (Mp3 of great acoustic song, posted once
    on bands official website)
  • Sublime (Hidden Track, Only available on the bands EP release of songs)
  • Suffering Servant (demo track, posted on offical site)

    From - Population 1 era
  • None yet!

    From - Dramagods era
  • None yet!

    From - Cherone era
  • None yet!

    From - Extreme Reunited era
  • a couple of rare live bootleg cuts from their very brief reunions

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