Master of Science Degree in Tropical Forestry, Forest Policy and Economics Emphasis
Technical University of Dresden- International Institute of Forest and Forestry Products
Expected Graduation: in October 2006

Master of Arts Degree in Sociology Agriculture environment emphasis,
Tribhuwan University- Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Theses Title: Socio-economic and environment aspects in development planning of Gorkhe VDC of Ilam district.
Graduated in September 2003.

Professional Masters Degree in Natural Resources Management, Specialization: Planning and Coordination in NRM, Emphasis on, Planning process, Scenario Development, Multicriteria evaluation, Benefit Cost Analysis and Spatial Decision Support System..
International Institute for Geo Information Sciences and Earth Observation, The Netherlands.

Individual Final Assignment Title: "A study of Livelihood Dependency and its relations to spatial pattern in three villages in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania"
Graduted in September 2004.

Bachelor of Science Degree  in Forestry , Forest Management Emphasis
Minors in Wildlife Conservation and Soil and Watershed Management
Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University

Thesis Title: Survey of Private Forests: A case study of two municipalities in Dang District.
Graduated in November 1999.


1. Post: Environment Officer
Duration: 20 May 2001 to 20 August 2003
Employer: Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC), Ilam, a Development Fund, Norway, Canadian Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) and DANIDA supported NGO.
Major responsibilities:
·ProvidingTechnical support in Preparing Sustainable Development Plan of the Village Development Committees (VDCs).
·Assessing VDCs' biophysical environment giving details on the renewable and non-renewable natural resources and identification of potential resources that could be developed for the benefits of the residents;
·Analyseing potential environmental degradation, poverty and social equity issue, prevailing trends on various landuse practices and trends on human and livestock population so as to provide natural resources management recommendation appropriate for the particular local ecological condition;
· Contributing in human resource development through delivering trainings on forest management, watershed management, forest nursery establishment,   environment conservation and project planning to the Local Government representative and local communities;
·Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of activities such as drinking water schemes, tree nursery building, tree plantation,  community forest management and improved agriculture etc;
·Coordinating with like minded government and non government organization for implementation of environment related programs etc.

2. Post: Program Officer (Forestry, Agriculture and Industry Support Unit)
Duration: 15th May 2000 t0 16th May 2001
Employer: District Development Committee (DDC), Bara and Local Governance Programme (LGP), a UNDP funded programme.
Major responsibilities:
· Preparing district profile;
· Preparing  integrated annual district development plan;
· Providing Technical support in Preparing six years’ district periodic plan;
· Implementing, consolidating, and institutionalizing of 'Participatory development programmes' being implemented in the district.
· Organizing the sectoral committee meeting and reviewing the progress and achievement of line agencies concerned (District Forest Office, District Soil Conservation Office, District Agriculture Development Office etc.)
· Providing professional support to Local Development Officer and DDC in reviewing all sectoral program before DDC's approval of line agencies' program
· Providing support to DDC to lead line agencies including non-government sector.

3. Post: Research Student
Duration: March1999 to August 1999
Employer: Environment and Forest Enterprise Activities (EFEA), Dang, a USAID funded project
Major responsibility:
Carrying out study on the topic " Survey of Private Forests: A Case Study of Two Municipalities in Dang District ".

4. Post: Research Assistant
Duration: May 15 to July 15 1998
Employer: IOF Faculty
Major responsibility:
Data collection on forest inventory and socio-economic survey.

India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Germany, France,  England, Tanzania

Papers and Articles
1.Nepal, P. 2005, Current M.Sc. Research Project, Understanding change in forest cover and carbon storage in government and community forest management regime, A case study from Chitwan District, Nepal. View the Proposal.
2.Nepal, P. 2003, Socio-economic and Environment Aspects in Development Planning of Gorkhe VDC of Ilam district. An M.A. Dissertation Submitted to Trivuwan University, Nepal
Nepal, P. 2004, A study of livelihood dependency and its spatial pattern in three villages in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. A report submitted to ITC as a requirement for the partial fulfulment of Professional Master degree.ITC, 2004
4.Nepal, P., 1999 “Survey of Private Forests: A Case Study of Two Municipalities in Dang District. A B.Sc. Dissertation, Submitted to Trivuwan University, Nepal
5.Country paper from Nepal on Proceedings of the international Seminar on “Best Practices and Empowerment Success Stories'” held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 28-30 July 2002.
6.Nepal, P, 2003, “EIA: A must for Sustainable Development”, Paper presented at zonal workshop on Environment Impact Assessment” held in Ilam on 5-6 September 2002
7.Nepal, P. 2002, Environmental Status of Ilam, a Discussion Paper Presented to the Environment Mission of The Ministry of Local Development.
8.Nepal, P. 2003, an IEE report of Triveni Micro Hydro Project, Ilam.
9."Forestry: A Means of Development”, The Rising Nepal, the National daily, April 30, 1997.
10."Nepalese Women and Environment”, The Greenery, Yearly Journal of an environmental group of IOF, Pokhara, 1998

GIS/Remote sensing software proficiency:
ILWIS, Arc View, Idrisi, Cartalynx, What if and GPS (Survey and Mapping), ERDAS Imagine.
Statistical and other softwar
e: SPSS for Windows
Educational Test
s: TOEFL (CBT) 263 with Essay rating of 6 (Date: 12 December 2002)

e: Available upon request

Career Objective: Continued Professional Development in the field of Natural Resource Management, Planning and Development.
Career Objective: Continued Professional Development in the field of Natural Resource Management, Planning and Development.
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