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Well, hi there. If you find yourself on this page, it's either you're one of these 'fine' people...or you have nothing better to do...
Here are some....'interesting' things about my friends...
Oh, and if you don't find yourself on this page...it's probably because you're a complete stranger or...i forgot to put you down (I'm sori)...


Name:Emily a.k.a (MACHO MAN)...

Comments:hm...what can i say about Emily...Hnm...Well. she's a very good friend of mine who LOVES to TALK (not that it's a bad thing or anything). She's pretty funny and like to laugh. I've known her for what..almost 3 years..yes..that's right. Right now, she likes to talk about this certain 'girl'(figuratively speaking...of course...)which is, mind you, can be quite interesting. Me and her...no! i mean Emily and I are almost completely oppisite eachother which is why we make such good friends..(does that make sense?). Oh yeah, and she's REALLY smart, but not in a nerdy way, it like she doesn't study and still gets top marks..now that's a brain for Ebay...

Fav quote:" The more I learn, the I know, the more i know, the more i forget, i more i forget, the less i know. So Why learn?" Amen to that!



Comments:I'm been friends with hayley for the longest our of EVERYONE here. I'm known her since intermediate for like 4 years now. She live 5 houses down the road so it's really easy to keep in touch. Hayley does A LOT of rowing and goes out at 4 in the morning to train and stuff...well...what else..she like horror movies with tonnes of brains and guts. But ironisly, her favourite movie is Finding Nemo..hm..how does that work...and yea...There's too much about her that i just can't write everything down..cuz it will be biased to all the other non-long-comments ppls...

Fav quote:"I know what you did last autumn...*wink**wink*"



Comments:Hm...jess...where do we begin... i met jess in Year 9, and thought she was pretty cool. She's kinda like the anchor (so cliche) of our group, kinda the fence-sitter when Emily and i have our lil 'debates'. She's Christian and being an atheist myself, i don't hold that against her, but i do harrass her..sometimes...She like watching Alias and CSI and i think she like anime(but i'm not sure...) the pic is b-wanted, btw..um..what else...she live down the road from me...but not near enough for me just to stroll down to her house on the way to the diary..and she's really smart too.

Fav quote:"Which one is better? a branch without leaves or a branch without fruit."


Name:Upasana (see the connection?..)

Comments:Well, as you can see, Upasana has a thing for tennis, she's really good at it too. I knew her in intermediate but not in person. She also lives on my road but just on the other side. She's really sport and has probably the BEST collection of sports clothing I've EVER seen..i think she brought the whole of Stirling Sports... She likes J/LO(I think)and various other songs by various other artists.She's real cool and a really easy person to talk to..

Fav quote:"Shh...I'm still telling my story!..."

Aroused Elephant


Comments:Dear oh dear..Amanda..I can say SO much about her, but i won't. :P Amanda was in my class in year 10. My first immpression was the she was very 'extrovert', but funny...in an usual but still funny sort of manner. And yes...she like Blink 182 and monkeys. She's has the largest monkey top collection ever. She's really good at anything to with english or food talking to eachother and is a really wicked person(in a good way..)Oh yeah..and a slight 'fascination' with um... 'stuff'...yea...

Fav quote:"There's no aphrodisiac like innocence.." that sounds incredibly smart.



Comments:Alex..Alex..Alex. Alex. Well. I met her along with Amanda. She's russian..no..BELA-russian, and the only one in our school...feel special...
She's INCREDIBLY smart, next to Einstein i tell ya (might preserve her brain in apickle jar when she carks it)...She LUVS Incubus and was really gutted when she couldn't go to their concert. she's also likes Wezzer and the FooFighters. Hm...what else..she likes random comics and has a website (in Credits/Links)too.

Fav quote:"A goodfriend stabs you in the front." dats true..hm...


Name:Michelle K

Comments:Here is a person who knows how to take care of herself. I mean, you can't go wrong with eating and sleeping(which are Michelles FAVOURITE activities). But don't get in the way of her morning stagger to the bathroom or she'll SCRATCH YOUR EYES OUT!..hehe..
Michelle HATES Simple Plan and enjoys Norwegian Jazz(especially a band called Come Shine). She is a very patriotic Korean and was adicted to the Soccer World Cup.
she likes sushi and salad and is currnetly writing her own line of comics featuring a teddy(hence the picture). I could go on...but i won't. hehe.

Fav quote:"Cool aye. Isn't that a drink?"


Name:Michelle A

Comments:Michelle is obssessed with Sponge bob square pants(not that it's a bad thing..no...)I mean it *stern look*. Anyways Michelle's real cool, i met her last year too. She's really intelligent and was in Key Cygs (school representative choir). She also like Sheep in the Big City which is THE MOST RANDOMEST show on television (i use to watch it too). Michelle likes The Darkness.."I believe in a thing called love..something, something, something...." *cough**cough* moving on..

Fav quote:"Did you know licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets?"



Comments:Hm..uh...I met Shaun when Emily invited us to go see a movie. Now..what do i now about Shun..Well, for starters, he LUVS TO EAT, it's like he has a bottomless stomach or something. He likes to talk almost as much as Emily (maybe more..i dunno) and like that Heya song by Outcast(I think).
he likes German(language) and goes on german chatrooms alot and talks about the randomest things like mums stealing their sons noses and such...uh..yeah..

Fav quote:"Mochtest du einen Bier" ...german..don't ask me..



Comments:Sean is my oldest contact on MSN, i've added him even when i changed my email...and i still talk to him...how strange is that. i met him when i first got Internet like 4 years ago. he's 21 now. He's Canadian (i think). I don't really know that much about him but i know he likes anime and Harry potter (hence the strange anime HP pic). His favourite movies Amerian Werewolf in Paris and he likes BBQ steak. oh yeah, and prefers bacon instead of cruton.hehe...
other than that..not much, but we've been online friends for so long, he deserves to be on this page.

Fav quote:"i smashed my head on the oven and had to be checked for a cuncussion " br>

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