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Here are some relatively good reads for ya. I haven't read most of them so don't blame me if they suck.
The rating is from G - R, but there's hardly anything G's or any R's. Most fics here are either PG or PG-13. NO NC-17. NO SLASH.
Well, Enjoy..

Elves are not Perfect-Crystal Snowflakes
[Completed!] A girl from Earth thinks that nothing is perfect, including elves. What will happen if she happens to fall in Middle-Earth and see one? Maybe fall in love? Are elves really flawless? Language
PG-13 / LegolasOC

Until we meet again-Crystal Snowflakes
[Chapter 13 Up!] Sequel to ‘Elves Are Not Perfect’. To find true love and lose it in such a short time... Jessica and Legolas have both lost each other, now in different worlds. Can fate be so cruel? Love will find a way if it is meant to be, but is it? [
PG-13 / LegolasOC

Under the Hill-ElvenPrincessOfLegolas
*Last Chapter Up! COMPLETE!!* She has no memory of who she is. She doesn't even know what an Elf is. Will Legolas be able to help her remember?
PG / LegolasOC/ Humor

Going Home-Diana M1
Another girl gets sucked in to Middle Earth fic. The only thing remotely Mary Sue-ish is the fact that a girl, who is a lot like me, falls into Middle Earth. She's not perfect. There will be little to no romance.
PG / Action/Adventure

The Changing of Minds-Altariel3
What happens when a teenage girl who detests Lord of the Rings gets dropped into the middle of Middle Earth?
PG / Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Connections- HeavenlyKitten
Two girls are transported into Middle-Earth.(BASED ON THE MOVIE) This is my first Lord Of The Rings Fanfiction so please R&R to let me know what you think
PG-13 / General/Romance

Well, that's it for now, more to come later.
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