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    Welcome to my home page.

Please Click the enter link at the bottom of this page to proceed to the next pages.

There you will find: Stories, Screenshots, My original graphics, Credits & Links, Walkthroughs & Cheats,

he download link for my Role-Playing Adventure Game is inactive.  Pending bug fixes and improvements.

If you click the link under the pictures to the left you will be redirected to my Flick*r Gallery.

That is where my screenshots live.

Main Story
Nephira's Biography
Corzan's Story
Madina's Story
Garreth's Story
Small Screenshots
"Appshire Village" Screenshot
"Bare Wood" Forest Screenshot

Graphics 1
Graphics 2
Graphics 3
Graphics 4
General Hints
Cheat 1  Apple Tree
Cheat 2  The Thief
Easy Money

Links & Thanks 1
Links & Thanks 2
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