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The Visions of Sor Maria De Agreda: Writing Knowledge and Power

Mystical City of God-By Sister Maria Agreda

The Fifteenth Century Franciscan nun ,her family name was Coronel, she was christened Maria Fernandez Coronel ,but she was more commonly known as

Maria de Agreda, Sister Maria de Agreda, was renowned as well as ridiculed during her times for her mystical writings, her political influence, and in particular for her highly unusual missionary activities which involved bilocation.

She was born into a  wealthy family, in a castle at Agreda, Spain on April 2, 1602. The wealth and castle of her family was given to the Franciscan Order and their castle became The Convent of The Immaculate Conception. Her father and brothers all became Franciscan monks and Maria, her mother, and her sister became nuns.



Visions and Raptures of Maria Agreda


In 1620, she began having fantastic visions/raptures. Cloistered in the convent, in a trance-like state she would meditate for most of the day, sometimes the entire day. When she returned from her self imposed solitude and meditation Maria Agreda would entertain her fellow nuns with what many of them probably considered psychotic and incredulous tales of travels to a mysterious faraway land, in today's World, visions of never-never land would have been entertained by the listener, but then again Peter Pan had not yet been born, so God only knows what thoughts her fellow nuns envisioned when listening to Sister Agredas incredible stories.


 She told of meeting tribes of "savages" and preaching Christianity to them in their native tongue.  She also purportedly received apparitions from an entity she believed was The Virgin Mary . 


Most of her tales are included in "Mystical City of God-By Sister Maria Agreda" , which was condemned in Rome in 1681 ,the Congregation of the Inquisition, and Pope Innocent XI had forbade the reading of it - the ban was lifted in 1747 - written in 4 extensive volumes containing the intimate details about her Mentor the entity she believed was The Virgin Mary . Many of her fellow sisters still unconvinced,  humored sister Agreda.  Undaunted by the opinions of her peers she was convinced of the reality of her experiences, Maria Agreda wrote the book as she claimed the apparition of Mary had instructed her to. She  also described, in great detail, her missionary work bringing the Christian teachings to the savages.




Trial of Maria Agreda

 Committing her visions and raptures to paper for public dissemination during the height of the Spanish Inquisition brought the attention of the inquisitors on Maria Agreda.  The vile reputation the inquisitors have invoked was not unearned.  These guys got their kicks out of Barbequing thousands of people on the flimsiest of Evidence. Their justification was that if they convicted and roasted an innocent person it was of no consequence because their souls would be saved by their martyrdom.  History shows they  "saved a lot of souls."   When her book hit the streets it wasn't long Before long the Inquisition started stoking the flames for Maria Agreda's Luah.

At the  spectacle trial that ensued the brunt of the Church and Inquisition was bearing down on the Good Sister. Not unlike our modern "Justice Systems" the deck was stacked against her and She found herself at the center of a dangerous, whirling controversy. She insisted that she was indeed bi-locating and doing God's work. Had she lost the trial , she would have lost her life.  Lucky for the Maria Agreda ,Apples were out of Season and there would be no Luah. During the trial, a newly returned  expedition of conquistadors and friars arrived in Spain with an incredible tale.

"'When those Indians were asked to tell us what was the reason for which, with so much affection, they asked for baptism and religious indoctrination, they answered that a woman had come and preached to each one of them in their own tongue. '"


The Native Americans visited by the Blue Lady

In unexplored regions north of Mexico, they had encountered many Native American tribes who had already somehow , someway been converted to Christianity, and already knew of "Jesus Christ" . The Indian's told of being visited by a pale-skinned "Blue Lady" who appeared to many, drifting in a blue haze while she preached in their native languages. She helped them to build crosses and places of worship, and handed out religious objects.

From 1620 to approximately 1631 it is believed the Spanish flying nun - Maria Agreda went from Spain to New Mexico on more than 500 occasions.

"Only in New Mexico did the Franciscans baptize more than 50,000 people in record time and rapidly install twenty-five missions and minister to more than ninety towns. The Indians remembered with special veneration the Blue Lady, the one whom they gave this name due to her blue mantle of celestial tones she wore on her back. "

Throughout the 1620s numerous missionaries in Texas and New Mexico reported encountering Indigenous tribes who had allegedly never before been contacted by Europeans, spoke no European languages, but carried crosses, knew Roman Catholic ritual, maintained recognizable altars in their villages, and knew Catholic liturgy—in their native tongues. When questioned as to how they knew these things, they described a beautiful Lady in Blue who had been coming among them , teaching them the new religion in their native languages, and who told them to welcome the white Christians who would eventually come to see them.

"She came down to us, she taught us the new religion, she stayed among us for a time, she told us you would come and to make you welcome, and then she went away. That’s all we know."



Alonzo de Benavides, father-custodian of New Mexico which at the time included much of the Present day American southwest from Texas to California was highly perplexed by the situation and began a letter writing campaign to other priests back in Europe.  He was referred to Sister Maria Agredas order - the Poor Clare nuns and eventually returned to Spain where he questioned and was convinced by Maria Agreda that she was the "Lady in Blue"


Mari Agreda described to father Benavides vivid details of the Southwest, as well as describing the chief of a group of Jumanos who sought out  priests in El Paso in 1629 . Some Jumano Indians appeared at the Franciscan monastery there asking for religious instruction at the request of the "Lady in Blue."  Other Tribes from the region heard of the teachings and sent messengers to ask the priests to come and teach them as well, also evoking the mysterious “Lady in Blue”. Overwhelmed, the priests had no recourse but to promise that they would return with more priests.


To this day ,  records of her visitation exists among some of the surviving tribes of the region. One tribe the Jumanos went to remarkable lengths on her behalf. This tribe’s devotion to the person they called the Lady in Blue is recorded at length in the historical records. The method of her communication with them is also explored , as it wasn't verbal - the closest description would be a psychic form of communication.

It was established in the open case of the " Holy " Inquisition against Maria Agreda  in 1635, in which it was affirmed further that no one in the convent noticed her absence during her "travels". She was been declared Venerable by the Catholic Church.
The Jumanos and The woman in blue

There are stories that she also ran some Diplomatic missions for the King  of Spain, the Phone Company hadn't gotten around to installing phone lines in Spain , when an urgent communiqué had to go out he may have enlisted her help in foreign affairs, and it is firmly documented that the king carried on a life-long correspondence with her.  It is surmised by some that Sister Agreda may have even bi-located to foreign courts on covert foreign-policy missions on behalf of Spain. Now one would think that this story, alone, is compelling, but the unbelievable saga of our talented nun and her doppleganger-twin does not end there.


Incorruptible Body

Sister Agreda's body refuses to decompose after 335 years.  The flush of her cheeks and her life-like features still baffle the Catholic Church and modern science. During an opening of her casket in 1909, a scientific examination was performed on the pristine body in peaceful repose, The scientists and doctors who were allowed to perform the examination were said to be astounded at the condition of the corpse. In 1989 Andreas Medina a Spanish physician performed another examination of Sister Maria Agreda as she lay in the convent of the Conceptionist nuns, the same monastery where she had lived in the 1600s.  

Body of Maria Agreda

The Incorruptibles: A Study of the Incorruption of the Bodies of Various Catholic Saints and Beati

The Incorruptible Flesh : Bodily Mutation and Mortification in Religion and Folklore



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