The Buprenorphine Hideaway
This page is currently under major construction. However, one day it will contain such things as news, a messageboard, advice, links, full information on many topics, etc.

For now, however, you still have the Buprenorphine FAQ, *beta* version 2.01 WIP, to enjoy. Click below for a link.
Email me - [email protected]
Feel free to email for any reason whatsoever. This includes questions, comments, criticicism, etc.
The only case in which you should not email me is if you have insults to provide, or comments/criticicism in a non-constructive manner. If you don't like Buprenorphine and/or my FAQ, remember that no one is forcing you to read it. If you don't like buprenorphine, then you don't belong here. Some MMT'ers are afraid bupe will replace 'done. This possibility is laughable. It'll NEVER happen.
The Buprenorphine FAQ - Partial WIP Update as of 5/30/04
NOTE: This FAQ is still a *beta* FAQ. This means it's preliminary, provided merely for feedback at this point. It's far from completely and fully accurate. I still have plenty more research to do, things to add, errors to correct, references to provide, feedback to get, etc. etc.
The FAQ at this current moment shall be taken as a piece of opinion. All information should be verified by a proper medical professional. I will do my best to get something out soon that I feel confident in enough to claim as accurate as is possible with the current information available.
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