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Hello all, 

Welcome to Kalam. This is a very informal introduction to what we hope will be a formal site discussing about major issues in Nepal at the moment. 

There is always one major question in our mind when we hear about the situation in Nepal: What can I do for my country? Like most of you, I don't want to sacrifice my personal comfort for bunch of people back home who I don't know. People who act like I owe them my service and that I should slave away for nothing in return...not even a mere thanks.  Like most of you, I count myself lucky to have been able to get out of the country while I had the chance but at the same time it brings a surge of guilt. There are people in our country who are in such hapless situation that to even think about it scares us. Perhaps that is why we tend to ignore their plight - who can blame innate human tendency?

We are not writing all this in an attempt to change the World or even only Nepal. We just want us to see the position people in Nepal are and the people in Nepal to see our side as well. We want you to think before you backlash a low level peon for taking Rs. 20 under the table, to see the cause behind it. To see where the problem is. Maybe talking about it can help rectify it to some level. There are also organizations that we can work with who work with people in Nepal directly. We know few such organization and I hope you know of some and maybe we can share the information for the betterment of our country. We might not be able to change Nepal from a third world country to a first world country but at least we can try. Just getting it out of the stigmata of being one of the poorest country should be more than enough for now.

With Kalam, meaning pen, we hope that we can share our views on issues governing our country.

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