Introduction :
Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS) was established in 1992 with an objective to assist the persons with bleeding disorders in every possible way for the control of their bleeding and find solution of the problems associated with it. NHS is registered health related non-profit making NGO affiliated to World Federation of Hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a congenital bleeding disorder caused by the deficiency of the clotting factor in the blood. Hemophiliac bleeds continuously on an injury. Bleeding if not controlled immediately can become a threat to the normal functioning of the effected organs and even the life. A hemophiliac lives from crisis to crisis. Internal bleeding in joints eventually results in crippling of the patient by the time he steps his youth.

This disease is incurable but temporarily manageable. The only treatment is infusion of blood, plasma or the anti-hemophilic factor at every instance of the bleeding episode. The treatment is prohibitively costly. Physiotherapy is also very important for person with hemophilia (PWH).

Activities carried out by NHS :

              a) Dr. B. L. Bajracharya, Pediatrician ,Bangkok 1994
              b) Dr. M. P. Shrivastava, Ortho.surgeon - Israel 1998
              c) Mr. Kedar P. Karanjeet, Lab.Technician ,Malmo,Sweden 1999

Visit of Executive Members from International Hemophilia Societies :

            a.Mr. Shyam S. Panday
            b.Mr. Suman Dhungana Program/Activities: Current Situations :         a. - Factor VIII - 40 +5
            - Factor IX - 12
            - Factor X - 2
            - Rest Undiagnosed
        b. Life Member -120
        c. Helping Member -1 (Japan)
        d. Factor assay - Central Lab/ TU Teaching Hospital
        e. Hemophilia Care Unit - Bir Hospital
        f. F.F.P Cryo available from NRCS, Blood Transfusion Center
        g. Well equipped own office
        h. Staff member - 2
        i. 16 member Central Executive committee, election in every two years
        j. Limited stock of Factor concentrate to tackle emergencies
        k. Twining program with Swedish Hemophilia Society for 1999 - 2000
        l. Seven general assembly conducted till now, where all PWH guardians and Executives meet and discuss the problems
          and find solution.

Constraints :

Future Plan : NHS Mailing Address :

        Nepal Hemophilia Society
        GPO Box: 6046,
        Kathmandu, Nepal

        Tel: 977-1- 472450 or 250608
        Fax: 977-1-256105

        Email:  [email protected] and [email protected]

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