Stego's Usenet FAQ's on Nepal and India travel

Oops, this site isn't updated for a long time! I haven't time to update it, but I also haven't the courage to put it off the air. Surfing these pages is like a time travel in old times Internet. Here time stopped in March 1997.
Mirror sites:


Nepal FAQ logo Nepal FAQ:

  • Here, at Geocities, The Tropics.

  • CFN.

  • Peter M. Geiser's Internet Travel Guides. Peter has some very good travel guides on various South East Asia countries, all written by himself.

  • Jeyspace. The owner, Jeffrey R Burrows, maintains the " Morocco FAQ".
    Note: Due to lack of space, this mirror isn't updated anymore. You'll find there only the 22 Feb 96 version.

  • India FAQ logo India FAQ (update expected in a few weeks):

  • Here, at Geocities, The Tropics.

  • CFN.

  • Peter M. Geiser's Internet Travel Guides.

  • India Network.

  • These FAQ's are composed of Usenet articles and emails from various persons. They were collected mainly from, soc.culture.nepal and soc.culture.indian (actually very few came from this last). I thank to all the authors of these writings, some of them still don't know they are helping us because I wasn't able to reach them by email. Thanks also to the kind owners of the mirror sites.

    Other pages of mine that may interest you:

    I expect to make available the travelogue of my November 94 trip to Nepal in a few weeks.
    The weeks turned into yyyeaarss. I found the travelogue in a copy of one of my ooold PC's

    All comments and contributions (not money, suggestions, notifications of any bad links, bad formating or errors, etc.) are welcome.
    If you are fond of logos, perhaps you want to make one to replace that on the top of the page? I was looking for something that really remind traveling to Nepal and India. I don't guarantee I'll use the one that you may make , I'll have to like it better than the mine (that shouldn't be difficult :-), but at least I'll include it somewhere on this page. Or maybe I'll create a page with all the logos I receive and then I ask for users to vote for one...

    If you own some web space and you are interested in mirroring these pages, don't hesitate in contacting me, as long as there aren't any commercial interests behind. The more people see these pages, the happier I get and I guess that the authors of the articles feel the same.

    If you know of any good software (and preferably free...) for editing/processing email messages and Usenet articles, please let me know, I spend too much time converting the material to HTML.

    © J. Mário Pires, 4 Mar 97

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