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Disclaimer: I don't NOT own Final Fantasy nor Kingdom Hearts, They all belong to SquareEnix. But Hey have made many fine kewl games!! I only use this to promoted that Final Fantasy is indeed stunning.

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Me a Fan of this I am!

Final Fantasy Forever... Xtreme Well, that's another thing..

This is a Neopet's Guild (Click here to see it) dedicated to the Game called Final Fantasy by Sqauresoft in December 18, 1987 in Japan and released July 1990 in the United States. Soon this game became to be one of the world's most popluar RPG's(Role Playing Game) Squaresoft was almost in bankruptcy at the time, as then Final Fantasy made Squaresoft a maker that many gamers would never forget.... This is Final Fantasy.

Update: 7/15/03

w00T.. I got the Guestbook up.. Now Sign It Everyone!! For it Compels you.. and check out the Forum

Update: 7/12/03

HA. I'm so freaking LAZY... Haven't touch the site in a while.. oh well better start updating. Fixed a Few of the Images now and the Links Page is back up. WE NOW HAVE A FORUM.. YAY..Now trying to Fix back up my Guest Book so hang on tight. LOLZ. *Hits Himself on the head for being lazy* XD

Updates: 6/15/03

Got a Few of the links up. Now Check it out. EMail me at [email protected] about what you think of the new layout.

Updated: Wed 6/11/03

Woo Hoo!!! I've actually taken some time into starting working on this site again. Xtreme Final Fantasy, revamped and ready to go! So I went and look for some layouts. This One of Rinoa is damn good! ^_^ I'd like to LOVE elemental Designs for their kewl works.Right Now Trying to put some of the links back up. Now on to some news.

Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicle,Final Fantasy XI,and Final Fantasy X-2 have all been told to be released in North America by the end of this year. FF:CC could be delayed to Early 2004, along with Star Ocean 3. Rumors are going about that the Songs in X-2, Real Emotions and 1000 no kotoba(1000 words) are to be translated into English. *cough* Kingdom Hearts *cough*

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