4/28/02: Neo-Tokyo Online is launched.Visuals, and Soundtrack page posted.
            This website is still under construction.Look for updates in May.
3/16/03: Wow, a year went by & nothing but a whole lot of gaming development
             going on. The soundtrack is underway, INVENOM is still recording it
             @  Morgue Studio. A few more pics to see & more pages to view.
6/22/03: Game development has stopped due to relocation. The gaming creators,
            Wolf Studio/Kinjitsu Limited, are in the middle of moving. They left off
            @ the first stages of the short film for Neo-Tokyo. An estimation on
            when the develpmont will start again is in early August.
8/01/03: Apparently Neo-Tokyo has undergone a few changes on the drawing
             board will now be a short film instead of the RPG plan. Complications
             with the game engine design have consequently halted any gaming
             development. A trailer will be ready soon?
10/11/03: Now the film is now at a halt......this site will have to find a
               new purpose...
12/27/03: domain check affirmative/ script blog/ 046809
03/21/04: Listen to some Projekt Abyss from the Cryptic Ideology album,
               located in the database. This interface is now a link to Silverghost
               Games, Morgue Studio, and Spellbook Productions.
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