The "shooter" category encompasses a variety of different styles of games: first-person shooters, third-person shooters, driving/shooting, flying/shooting, 2D shooting, and others. In recent years, comparing the best games from these different sub-genres to come up with one representative winner for the group has been a bit like pitting apples against oranges, but this year, the winner is clear: Halo for the Xbox.
Microsoft's Halo takes some of the best elements from a number of classic first-person shooters, adds incredibly intelligent enemies (and allies) and the ability to man a variety of vehicles, and combines it all into one remarkable package. The game features the sort of "one-man army" gameplay found in visceral shooters such as Doom and Soldier of Fortune, with story sequences and scripted events that advance the plot (and action) similarly to Half-Life and Marathon. Another great feature of Halo is that which it doesn't have, those elements that have dragged down other first-person shooters: platform jumping and lackluster boss battles.
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