Neo Terran Genesis -= Series =-
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Neo - New            Terran - World/Human        Genesis - Beginning
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The Neo Terran Genesis Series is divided into three main secttions.

Omega Strife - Seifer Steinmen has been recruited into a resistance cell.  He's sixteen years old and just wants some adventure and to so some good in the world.
All of his skills, strengths, and weakenesses will be pushed as Seifer finds his true meaning and purpose.  A system wide rebellion is on the horizon and Seifer begins to descover how he will be an intrcate part of that rebellion.  There will be no rest for Seifer he must find his true beginning in Earth's Omega Strife  The Final Chaos before all hell breaks loose in the Sol system.

Aerocide - Few people enjoy the dictator goverment.  Kevin Osmourne is no exception.  A pilot since he was fifteen years old.  A blank for an earlier childhood.  For reasons beyond his control, he is about to find himself fighting for the side, which the most powerful force in the system wants to destroy.  But, maybe they have a chance, an even better one with his help.  Kevin does not just want to do good, he also wants to run from what he fears most and knows little about.  His past. 

Neo Terran Genesis - Warren Manheim has a vision.  Stop the madness.  He is the leader behind the Mars Resistance.  Years of planning, secrecy, and development will finally culminate with his Neo Terran Genesis.  In the final installment, the question arises: will Warren be a Hero or a faux pau in the fabric of history.
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Neo terran Genesis: Omega Strife
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