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David A. Hoffman

David attends the School of the Arts (SOTA) in San Francisco.  He takes honors english, advanced math, and AP US History.  He plays the Horn in the school Wind Ensemble (upper band) and full orchestra.

Photography has been one of David's hobbies since the third grade when he attended a photo/video camp in which he learned to develop photographs by hand.  Unfortunately for him, he currently has only an Olympic point and shoot camera, however, he is still able to get some good shots out of that. 

David's interests include: comics, music, science fiction and classic literature, writing RPG walkthroughs, as well as playing them, and long walks on the beach.  If anyone wants concert dates for SOTA performances, they can be found at, or by contacting me at [email protected]
Daniel J. Rothman

Daniel is a student at Burlingame High School.  He takes US AP History along with honors english for challenging subjects.  On the weekends he can be found bike riding at Crystal Springs and backpacking in the Sierras in the summer. 
Photography found its way into Daniel's life through his father's ancient K1000 Pentax camera, manual everything.  Since then, he has found a productive position as a photographer on the Burlingame High School yearbook staff.  He is currently raising money for digital technology in the school.

Comics, alternative rock music, science fiction stories, and classical scores also fill some of his time. 
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