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The Shopping Isle games!.

     As you can see this page still needs a lot of construction.
  So everything you see here, will be updated and changed in a couple of weeks!  This is where all of the Neopets and non Neopets contests and games will be held.
Also Neopets cheats, neopets hints and neopets secrets will be posted here shortly!
  We hope you will find the time to check out this site and this page again
It will be worth it!

Like action games?
Play some on Neopets! Click the link above!
We'll be adding some games here soon!

Game 1 of Neoteenbe : Find a user who has 5 neopets!! It CAN be done!

Win an item if you found it (requires neopets membership)

Another little game of neoteenbe
Neoteenbe game 2:
Find the text "hello you found it" somewhere on my website
(which means ALL the pages!)
(except Password Protected Page=PPP)
You must also tell me HOW you found it!
  You can only enter once per account!

Little hint: the text will NOT appear randomly on the square next to this one!

Hey, if you have an image on this page with the words: "Seeker" and "Treasure"
AND you have the text

"Congratulations, if you have the right pic, you win an item"

You win an item, all you have to do then is mail me the screenie!

Do so using this form:

The text you need to win an item is here:

     If you want to play these games, I will NOT need your password. But for some games, I will need your username on Neopets  If you are not a member of Neopets, you can become one by signing up FOR FREE!
The link to Neopets is at the top.
   This page is currently under construction and so is the FAQ
Please be patient as update the Rules (Terms and conditions). 

NEOPETS, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., 1999-2005. denotes Reg. US Pat. & TM Office. All rights reserved.

Only game one and three are active the other games are still under construction! Don't worry it won't take long!
These are example games! When I get a good response, I will continue on adding games like these!
As you might have read already, Only game one and three are active

The other games are still be worked on
Don't worry as it won't take long to finish them!

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