This is my Movie Page. Here, I will add a list of all -good- anime and movies that I think are classics. Many of you may not agree with this, so don't bother getting angry. My view doesn't count for anything in your everyday life, so don't waste precious time telling me how bad you think a movie is...
However, if you feel the need to add to this list, you can do so at the bottom of this page.
AND NOTICE... that I give as little information about the movies as possible so as not to ruin the experience for others!!! Yes, I DID do that on purpose!

The Scoop!
Here is where I give yah the scoop about what's coming up in the next month, year, or 2 years.
I heard that these flics were in development. More will come later!
  1. Resident Evil: the Movie

  2. Live Action "Lord of the Rings"
    (more info: I heard that one of the characters is going to be fully computer-animated, and for special effects, they already have around 40 terrabytes of data! Not to mention, that the people in charge of this film have got thousands of Online 'Ring'-fans breathing down their necks to make sure that they've got everything correct!!

  3. Tomb Raider: the Movie (I heard this was actually cancelled.)

  4. Quake: (Same here, unfortunately!)

  5. X-men: The Movie (July 14 2000!)
    The trailers for this look Awesome!! The graphics and design all look incredible!
    This movie has a lot of potential, so cross your fingers!
    (Hopefully this will be better than Fox's televised version! Fox made a hideous broadcast portrayal of
    the x-men, which didn't even have any of the 'star characters except Jubilee (who was portrayed as a snotty (and ugly) upstart
    trying to act as if she were in the 80's, and Banshee looked like a tavern regular who drank too much beer!)

    Ratings are as follows: (I'll get images later...)
    * Not even on my page, unless I need to advise against it.
    ** Still not on MY page...
    *** Eh, maybe. You will see this on my page rarely, and then,only if the story is outstanding and the graphics aren't too shabby. (or vise-versa)
    **** A great flic!! This rating will be seen all over the page.
    ***** You must watch this!!!

    G Hey, anyone can watch this!!
    PG Parent/Guardian suggested for young 'uns. (for answering questions)
    PG-13 Hey, this has blood and gore, AND just enough 'PG-material' to allow my family to enjoy it, too!
    R The Works. Don't EVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, Show this to Children!!!
    ST1 A movie that has fighting elements like 'Street Fighter 2' in it. Basically, a bunch of fighting.
    ST2 like ST1, only with bolts of energy and people flying off the screen.
    M Like ST2, only more magic, and not much straight fighting.
    Epic It's a journey, a quest, an epic adventure!
    For now, Here are my movies!!!

    • Ninja Scroll Epic ST1 M
    • Rating:***** / R
    • Action/Adventure
      A good and VERY popular movie! The writers put foreshadowing in every corner! They gave an incredibly rich and complex story that is filled with action and magic! It doesn't have as much recognition as it could've gotten from beyond the generation gaps because of the more sexually explicit scenes. Rated 'R' for violence and nudity. Perfect symphonic soundtrack: it blends with the movie very easily!

    • Akira Epic M
    • Rating: ***** / R
    • Action/Adventure/Drama (sci-fi)
      An incredible epic of a movie! This is a must for all sci-fi fans!!!!!! Watch it now!! Rated 'R' for violence, and one nude scene. Has a noteworthy soundtrack.

    • The Vision of Escaflowne Epic ST1 M
    • Rating: ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** /Series/ PG
      (five groups of five stars!)
    • Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Comedy
      Simply the greatest Anime series in existence. Period. This is my all-time favorite - it beats Ninja Scroll hands down... and at least several hundred times better than anything else on this list...There is something for everyone in this show:action, love, magic, adventure, and even some quantum mechanics! It's simply incredible; the graphics, the story, although the end was actually supposed to be four episodes longer... and everyone knows it... alas, the makers of this show are working on a new series, as well as a movie to follow this one! look out for it!

    • Lain Major Epic M
    • Rating: ***** /miniseries/ PG-13
    • Sci-fi -- Pure Sci-fi!
      This is the biggest mind-twister of them all. And I'm still philosophizing over some parts of the series! It places a lot of interesting ideas into quantum mechanics, like Escaflowne, only MUCH MORE so! Even after watching all of the shows, I'm still trying to puzzle it all out. It's that good! The humor is subtle, not glaring out at you, and the graphics are rivaled only by Ninja Scroll and Escaflowne! For all who love Sci-fi, this movie is for you. (It will also sit next to 'Akira' very comfortably on your shelf!!!!)

    • Ghost in the Shell ST1
    • Rating: **** /R
    • Action/Adventure (sci-fi mind-jolter)
      Another wonderful movie. Given in to talking a bit more outright than other movies, but still impressive. This movie makes you think! (Oh my, a movie with an intelligent message! What a concept!) This is a great movie with a great soundtrack as well! (Quite similar to some parts of Akira's soundtrack...) Rated R for violence, and excessive nudity. (There's no sexual implications at all, though. . . I think.)

    • Nausiccaa of the Valley of the Wind Epic
      or "Kaze no Tani no Naushika"
    • Rating: *****/'G' or 'PG' (haven't seen all of it, though. This might change, depending on the ending.)
    • Action/Adventure (sci-fi)
      This was made by one of the greats in anime: Hayao Miyazaki! Look for his old works!!!
      Good story, about a girl in the distant future, where people must be incredibly aware of their surroundings becuase the bacteria and fungi are so deadly, not to mention giant insects.

    • The Poltergeist Report ST2!
      (english version)
    • Rating: **/ PG-13
    • Action/Adventure
      Well, I heard that the Nihon (Japanese) version of this show (and its movies) is quite popular... all I can say is that someone should be slapped and slapped hard for the destruction of what could've been such a fun movie. The English version of the movie is junk! This is only good if you fast-forward it (while watching) 40 minutes ahead, or you put the first 40 minutes on mute!!! (this way, you'll think the characters are actually having an intelligent dialogue. The beginning is silly and the dialogue is stupid and petty.) It is a pure action flick, and did not really need the first 40 minutes. The soundtrack music is not suited to the movie at all!!! Not to mention that the voice-over director should also be slapped hard for making everyone talk like idiots who really didn't care that the world was about to end if they failed!!!! I liked it only after I FF'd to the part where the characters first see some of the 'stronger' badguys.

    • The Peacock King (Pts 1 and 2)
    • Rating: About to watch this one. Looks promising!

    • The Macross Saga: Series Epic ST1 M
    • Rating: ***/'PG'-'R' (Depending on the different versions
    • A slightly goofy Sci-fi Action/Adventure/Gushy Love Story
      This one is a very interesting series, but they drag it out SO LONG, that you get bored and angry. The other problem is that the Fight Scenes are SO GOOD, yet the dialogue is SO BAD and CORNY! And So few in between shows!!! The other Robotech stuff doesn't even come CLOSE! -- NOT EVEN ANY OF THE DRAGONBALL STUFF CAN COMPARE TO THIS SHOW -- except some of the Dragonball Z movies...AND EVEN THEN, they could only compare, and nothing else!!

    • Dragonball Z: Series Epic ST2 M
    • Rating: ***
    • A very goofy Action/Adventure
      I give a PG. But then, I've only seen the English version, which REALLY SUCKS COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL, or so I've heard. I've also heard that the eyes aren't as big and that it is not as corny. But there's a lot less talking, which would be a welcome alternative to all of those darned one-liners and references to American culture that those off-worlders have never EXPERIENCED!!!!!!!!!
      This is another with good fight scenes and a good, well thought out story, But it took five times as many episodes to tell a story that should have been told in about 10-15 episodes! After a while, I almost gave up, got bored, and downloaded summaries of each episode!! Watch if you have Lots of time on your hands!

    • Sword for Truth Epic (false ST2)
    • Rating }:P
      (Yes, it is THAT BAD!) R
    • Action/Adventure (Not really, though. Read below.)
      I stopped watching this one 15 minutes into the movie!! The artists took shortcuts whenever available, shaking the pictures, or just showing a still picture for a few moments to save the time to actually animate these areas! No cartoon should do this! They should all be fluid from beginning to end!! YOU Don't even see the fighting!!! It's confusing! I GIVE this No stars, and I PLEAD YOU TO REMEMBER THIS NAME SO YOU DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE IN WATCHING THIS MOVIE!!!!!

    • Wrath of the Ninja Epic ST1 M
    • Rating: ** / PG13 (I think)
    • Action/Adventure/Historical Drama (it takes itself much too seriously. no fun, whatsoever!)
      This movie had the chance to be good. It had an interesting plot (Especially the twist at the end! I was totally caught off guard! That *Never* happens to me. I'm the guy that predicted the ending to the Twelve Monkeys 1/3 of the way into the movie!) but the story isolated the characters to listen so much, that they *hardly* had any character development except for one scene which is so painfully and blatantly obvious, that the author killed off the supporting character that the main character confided in!! This movie has a few okay fighting scenes and good graphics ALMOST all the way throughout the whole movie! (Some parts in the beginning could've been drawn a bit more clearly...) BUT, since I posted this up, I must've thought SOMEBODY would fall in love with this movie...but that is no excuse for the fact that it sucked! It is based on an actual
      (BUT NOT MAGICAL--at least, I wouldn't say so.)
      incident and the only reason I give it two stars at all is for the research they put into making this movie.

    • Galaxy Express 999 Epic
    • Rating: ***** / PG13
    • Action/Adventure Sci-fi
      This movie was awesome. It had many A+ elements of a good sci-fi flic. It actually had a 'what-if' and went off on a tangent of what happens. Based in the same world as Captain Harlock and Star Blazers, all from the mind of Leiji Matsumoto.

    • Adieu Galaxy Express 999 Epic
    • Rating: *** 1/2 / PG13
    • Action/Adventure Sci-fi
      The sequel to Galaxy Express 999, and a great sequel at that. Not as good as the original, mind you, but still interesting. I couldn't understand the motivation for one of the characters to
      act the way she did... it's just a strange way to re-open a movie, as if that character didn't learn anything from the last movie...and repeated her mistakes...

    • The Slayers Epic ST1 M
    • Rating: **** / Series / PG...I think...
    • Comedy/Action/Adventure/Fantasy
      Oh this is will have you rolling with laughter!!
      This is one of my favorites !

    • The Heroic Legend of Arislan Epic ST1 M
    • Rating: ***** / Mini-series / PG13
    • Action/Adventure/Historical Fantasy (I suppose...)
      Man, oh Man. And the graphics, too!!
      In the first five minutes, there's court intrigue, war, magic, forshadowing, and backstabbing!! This is just one incredible show!!! In the beginning, though, I couldn't tell which characters were male, female, and just wondered if they were implying some underlying themes by drawing the characters like that :0. It's good either way, so you should still watch it!

    • Records of the Loddoss War Epic ST2 M
    • Rating: ***** / Miniseries /PG13
    • Action/Adventure/Fantasy
      Whew! Another incredible epic fantasy! With more INCREDIBLE animation!! I was impress, although near the end of many of the episodes, the story dragged significantly, but obviously, that didnt' change my ratings, nor the ratings of anyone who has watched this series all the way through!! I found out that the average rating that 47 people at gave it was 5 stars!!!
      You must take a look at this great epic!

    • Macross Plus: The Movie
    • Rating ***1/2 / PG(13?)
    • Action/Adventure/Sci-fi
      The art was incredible. The story is set about 80 or so years into the future of the Macross saga. It is an interesting story, butI thought it sort of lagged, because it had the same exact theme of the macross saga, which bored me to see the same thing in different context! It could've been better... I didn't see any of Macross's famous and incredible one-on-one battles...
      but obviously the move was good enough for me to give it 3.5 stars...
      Okay, so I liked it... ^__^
      give me a [email protected]*([email protected]$ break alright?!

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