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WELL, What ARE mods anyway??!!
Simply put, mods are midi files with their samples embedded in them, so when you play one with a mod-player it has its own unique sound and quality. Not to mention the
sounds could be anything from :
wav quality to midi/computer speaker junk-wannabe sounds,
whatever you want them to be. Anyway, more on
this stuff later...

Places to Get mods

Mod Players

  • "The homepage of Modplug" these guys have a Windows-based Tracker, Player, and an Internet Browser Addon!

  • "The Winamp homepage" These guys are good!, check this music player out! it supports almost everything! (for Windows)

  • Cubic Player In english. Another great player.

  • XTC-Player Homepage Yet another good Mod player!

  • "Yamp"The homepage of the Man behind yet another Mod player

  • "The homepage of Mod 4 Windows" another awesome Windows mod player

    Mod Trackers & Tools

    Go back when you're done... Or if you Email me and send good ideas, I'll not only set a link to your page to show how awesome you are, but
    I'll also set a dl for your own mods!
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