Last Updated 10-2-98 4:35pm

Well, now.

This is my midi page,

and pretty soon, I'll have information on where each of these music piecesare from, and which are the best. I'm sorry that I don't have anything else up yet, that will come soon, along with more midi!

DON'T RUSH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For your favorite video game music on CD, go to Video Game Music for almost any game!
Most of it is Video Game Music, so lookout.

I will also have interesting links up for Midi players and Composers, as well as some links to "Good Sound Card"-emulators, otherwise known as . . .
Wave Table Emulators
These basically use small wav files in a driver and replace your old midi driver, playing real sounds on your computer...

but there's some extra tweaking involved so that you can run other wav files along with the midi... But more on that, tomorrow! Go Back ONLY IF YOu WANT TO, though!!!

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