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"But Wait," you hastily ask me...
"Where are the logic games you promised me?!!!"

Well, this is a relatively new site, so I, myself do not have any up at this moment,

but here is a link to a whole Slew of logic games!!!

I must give some credit for a few of these great sites to ...
{As he wishes to be called :-)}
His *cough, chuckle* Holiness, Computer Science Teacher Michael Gelotte
and the rest of the B.C.C. Computer Science Division!!!!!

Also Check out:
The Australian Lateral Thinking Mall!
I have not searched here extensively, but I think it looks pretty cool!
these guys make "Logic games for the whole family!

Steven Younis' Web of Wonders! COOl PLace!

Also try the MENSA WORKOUT!!
It's one of the funner groupings of mind games...

And finally...
Mind Trap!


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