Play Sokoban!: Push the boxes to the designated areas!
Play Eliminator!: Destroy the balls!
Play Treasure!: Gather the right weapons to kill beasts and take their treasures!

Have fun! I will add more, later.... when I have time!
Game Faqs!: For video game information of any sort, go here!
Video Game Music: If you want any specific game music, go here for almost any game music made!
If they don't have it, You can always go to Google!... :-)

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People have gone before you to find this site

All right. So you want to find a good game, hunh? Well I got
your good games right here! in several categories...

This site is going to be dedicated to any gossip or fact available about promising new games, including
  • The title
  • the Platform
  • the genre
  • description
  • my own comments
  • the shipping date

The Current Top Ten
This will be divided into separate categories limited to each genre.

My Personal Favorites
This will include my favorite games, which will not always be in the top ten, for I would be
limiting myself if I thought everyone thought like I did. No, I will instead, have a certain criteria
involved with each game, making sure they match specifics for each genre.
This is all to make you very happy, at least, that small number of you that
will actually ever visit this site...

Video Game Music!!
This won't actually be a topic, but I will give you information on which games you can
dump into the CD-player and well as music for games like Crusader:No Remorse & No Regret, Doom,
and a whole slew of console game music.

The Current Top Ten Arcade Games!
This site will educate you with the knowledge of the best games to play at arcades... which leads me to...

Fighting Game Combos and Maneuvers!!
This area will include specs for fighters from games such as

    Forget anything I might have put up as of now on STRATEGIES.
    JUST GO TO GameFaqs!for all of your gaming needs be they coin-op, computer, or console!
  • X-men vs. Streetfighter
  • Marvel Superheroes vs. Streetfighter
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2!!!!
  • Streetfighter Alpha 3
  • Tekken 3
  • Streetfighter FX (whatever current version is out right now)
  • And more that I may see fit to add on!
    As you can plainly see, I am hooked on the Marvel/Streetfighter stuff!

The 50 Best Games Ever according to PC Gamer Magazine
Well, hey. What else can I say, if only that I agree with them wholeheartedly? With Each of these games I will include a site, a picture, and a few links of interest for more information.

Wait Just A bit Longer... Please!!!

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