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Welcome to Neo-Sushi Mall, brought to you by the Neo-Sushi Alliance.  In here you will find banners and links to the most popular shopping sites on the internet.  In here, you will find web sites of all kinds of shopping. Electronics, games, books, etc... You will also find discounts to most of these online shopping sites even more inexpensive than what you can find in an actual store.  Who would of thought that there would be such a site that has links to great shopping sites with discounts which a person that shops as a hobby, yet still saves some money.  If you feel like shopping, yet you don't know where? This is a good place to start. There is still yet more banners and links to be added to this site, so stay tuned. Also, tell your friends and family about this great shopping links site. Well, Happy Shopping! Don't forget that our web site will have updated merchants open so visit often and lookout for new banners.
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