heidi's puffy artwork. i know you don't remember or give a shit anymore, but i figured hey, i'll show you what the hell was on this server. actually, what still IS on this server.

a Wili, from the ballet Giselle.
the Snapple Puffs. I liked this one...
Sailor Bacteria. She's so uncoordinated it's cool instead of ugly.
Me, Mashin girl. Actually, I tried to make it sort of a Magic Knight crossover because Rayearth is still one of my favorite Animes ever. Magical girls that AREN't ditzes. Imagine that.
Oh my god i remember this guy. asshole, if anything. I was a bitch back and he wondered why. sweet momma. boomer, if you're reading this, good. *throws the poopsicles away* banished from my memory, OK?

The all-american whore? naw. she was supposed to be a roller coaster mascot for a roller coaster called the American Eagle.
another roller coaster mascot. a little girl holding a rocket. Kickass. haha.
My chain link rope will whip your ass to China and back. Unless you live there already, then it'll just give you some funky red marks. She's a roller coaster mascot too, not a urinator. sick people with sick minds these days, I tell you.

ooooh who's the whore this time? me :P actually, no. I just liked four guys at the time and thought it'd be cute to draw them all. Cute high school guys drawn little are cuter.
the Christmas picture I drew for my two best online friends last year. I was so happy with how it looked. I still am, really.
got so sick of fucking people these days taking my pictures. they really aren't that good, but for god sakes, leave them alone, or I'll sign them with swear words so mommy and daddy will make you delete them. ha.


OR you can go and download some wallpaper.

itadakimaaaaaaasu :P goodbye.

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