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Introduction and Submission Rules

UPDATE: I have a new e-mail address to which you should send submissions: [email protected] Also, the third issue (which I have made the September issue, instead of the August issue) is FINALLY out!!!

Well, I (_shadowlight) have gotten the position of NT Secretary in our awesome guild, the Neopian Times Appreciation Guild, and therefore I will be in charge of the newspaper. When I recieve submissions (e-mail me at [email protected], guild members!) they will be uploaded with each issue of the paper. More coming soon!

This is what you can submit to the guild newspaper:

  • Stories/Series
  • Articles
  • Art/Comics
  • Poems
  • Even non-Neopets related stuff!

If you submit something, please include your username in the the e-mail!! If you don't I can't give you credit for what you wrote or drew, and therefore you will not be in the paper. A couple people have already made this mistake.

Basically everything is welcomed. And if you submit something, it will automatically get in. If you have a question about what you can submit, feel free to drop me a Neomail or an e-mail.

Also, once you send your submission in, it is the property of the NTAG. Even if you leave the guild between the time you sent it in and the time it comes out, I will still put it out with that issue of the paper unless you contact me and specifically ask not to have it published.

The only things that you cannot submit are what is against the terms and conditions of Neopets (view them here): no gory violence, swearing, or obscene or offensive content in your submissions. It is a kid's site, after all.

Well, have fun submitting to the guild newspaper!

Issue One

Issue Two

Issue Three


Disclaimer: All Neopets related content is Copyright 2002, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. All submissions in the newspaper are copyrighted to the writer or artist, and use of these without their permission is illegal.

Special Thanks To:
Sarakrindel for creating the background for this page! We all appreciate it.
Girlsrule261, for making the picture that is used with each edition of "From the Guild Leader". Thanks!
And last but not least, Josh Filan/Mr. Shankly/Beanspasm and his staff, who work endlessly on Neopia's greatest newspaper, which inspired the idea of the Neopian Extra!

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