A Guide to being a rookgaard character...

I. Introduction

II. Ideals on Rook

III. Storeing Equipment, gold, ect

IV. Selling and buying on rook

V. Leveling up

VI. Rookgaard Castes

VII. Retaliation

I. Introduction

So, you have decided to become a rookgaard character, you did make this decision on your own, right? Probablly not. There are a few factors that influence a player's decision in becoming a rookgaard character. One factor, a common one, is simple bordem with main. After many players find that hunting isn't what it used to be, you can take things such as dragons and giants spiders, but you cannot take stronger things. You are in a hunting slump, you don't want to take the old things, but you will probablly die trying to take the new ones. Hence, rookgaard characters. This Influence doesnt last long, because simply, these players grow to bored of it, to quickly. Another common factor is friends. All your friends are doing it, it is all the rage. Once again, these characters don't last long, ussually as long as your friend keeps playing, but once they are done with their rook char. So are you. Next there are those that have played every vocation, and gotten it to a decent level, skills, ect. for their level. The next step is the rookgaard character. These characters last longer than those others, but up until a level of about 14-16. Then it gets old, and exp starts to get a bit tougher. Finnally, the best rookgaard characters, those that do it for the sake of roleplay. these characters are incrediblly durable, and hence can get in the 20-30 range for levels. They make friends on rook, help other noobs, and all and all are ussually nice people. Strive for this if you want a more permanant rook char.


II. Ideals of Rookgard

As named above, characters choose to become rookgaard characters for many reasons. But to what outcome? What are you supposed to do with your life on rook? How are you supposed to do it? One of the main goals of any rook char is an equipment mule. This character was made in the beggining for some purpose, but ended up hordeing equipment for future characters. These characters ussually start with another goal in mind, but it is lost over time, yet sometimes that was the soul purpose of the rookgaard character. Another goal some rookgaard characters share is that of helping friends through rook. You play alot on that world, and some of your friends want to play it to. Well it is alot easier with a higher level player to help you get through it. One other common goal is to help newer players get a hold on the game. Better rookgaard characters are acctually quite experienced, and hence know alot of the basics. Well rather then have newer players struggle through it all, and eventually quit as many do, these rook chars help them get a hold on the game, and this may later pay off. A final ideal of rookgaard is to be unique. If you area higher level on rookgaard, you have a truely unique character, only 10-30 percent of the tibia population probablly really has a real rookgaard character, and now you are one of those statistics.


III. Storeing Equipment, gold, ect

The time comes around, when a serious rook player finds themselves running out of capacity to carry items. What do i do, they ask themselves? While sometimes the answer comes right away, other times it doesn't. You need a depot. But wait, there is no depot on rook. Well, while that is true, you can still make one. You can make a character called a mule. Mule's are designed to hold a variety of equipment for the rook char so that s/he doesn't have to cart it around. There are a few types of mules you should make:

Box Mules: These mules are used to carry things you can stand on for when you need them to block, or get up in an area.

Gold Mules: These mules are used to store your gold and plats on rook. Remeber, 100 of either gp or pp equals 10 caps taken up.

Food Mules: These mules are used to store backup food in case you ever need it for hunting and such.

Ammo Mules: These mules are used to carry arrows, and spears.

Equipment mules: These are used to store left over equipment for future players, quest items, and other nick nacks.

DO NOT CONFUSE MULES AS VOCATIONS! They are simply charcters leveled somewhere between level 3-8 that carry your equipment. They are not ussually played much. If at all possible, make one of each of the above mules on the same account, that way you can ctrl+g onto them. If you use cheating tools, just use two accounts. Multi-clients are easily patched, and a second account can be useful if you are not premmy.

IV. Selling and buying with rook chars

While buying and selling on rookgaard characters, isnt as differnt as buying and selling on rookgaard with a character going to main, there are still a few minor things to consider. And of course you can veiw my regular selling and buying guide here. When you are buying an item, it is ussually best to accpet any price the seller wants. Remember, you are staying in rookgaard, the only thing you need is that equipment, and you can afford to spend the money on it. Of course don't buy for increadiblly high prices, like a chain armor for 500 gp, that isn't worth it and that money is better spent on life fluids. If you can sell an item to a shop for more then the player wants, by all means buy it. If someone is selling studded helmets for 10gps by all means buy it and sell it for 20! When selling your goods, its best to go 5-20 gp over store price. Once again, you don't need the gold, and you are just spending it on life fluids anyways. Ussually take half your overall income and stick it on a gold mule (above). That way if someone ever gets an uber item liek a brass armor, and you want to buy it, you have the cash. It is also best to keep around 2k in gold on a mule at all times in case someone needs lfs real bad. Remeber, Buy- As high as the person wants, Sell- just above shop offer.

IV. Leveling Up

I have made a seprate hunting guide for this, which you can view here. Remember though, Rookgaard's uhs are none other than life fluids. NEVER carry less than 5 on you when you start hunting. Excpecially when hunting the western region of Rook, there is always the risk of running into a lured spearmen, and sometime a lured minotaur. The same applys to the premmium side of rook. Hunting the lower levels sometimes involves traps such as the entrance to the troll caves. Players can rope orcs, trolls, skellys, and gobos there to kill you. But your best bet in leveling is the premium side of rookgaard, or if you don't have a premmy, Mino hell or the spider cave in west rook. Both will provide you with 1k-2k exp in 30-90 mins of hunting.


VI. Rookgaard Caste System

Yes, belive it or not, there is a caste system on rook. Think of it as identicle to main in the chart i set up as follows

Rookgaard Level Equivilent Main level
01-03 These players are the noobs, They are often just starting off playin tibs for the first time, or just started the world a little while ago
04-06 Think of these as your level 8's on rook, just got to a mid way point on rook
07-08 These characters would be considered your level 10's-15's
09-13 Level 16-20
14-20 Level 21-30
21-25 31-40- These characters are your moderatelly high level characters, work went into them
26-30 41-50- These characters are really good leveled for rook
31+ These characters were probablly powergamed, or played for a long time. Then there is Sunrise, a level 73 on rook, He is truely a remarkable specimen


VII. Retaliation

Retaliation on rookgaard is really quite hard to do, there is always the "You die on main" comment, but most people don't follow that through, so what do you do? One method of getting even with people is something commonlly used on non-pvp servers. It is the art of tagging. Tagging to put it simply is following someone around takeing as much exp from them as possible. If they switch targets, you switch targets. If they log out, wait a few minutes, up to 5 at most, sometimes this is a method used to throw you off. Then follow them around again. Eventually they will either apoligize, or pay you to stop following them, or you just tag them all through rook. A second, though illegal method is blocking. Block them in someplace and refuse to let them go until they pay you. Remember, a single passage that goes similar to the diagram below, can be blocked by yourself, and a barrel or box. Then they have to go back the way they came, or if you have them trapped, do something to make u let them out. That is about it, other than killing their character when they go to main. Remember, level 7s are arses, when they go to go to main, make sure to note the town they are going to and quickly go there... It pays off.



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