There are exactlly 22 differnt monsters on rook, of those 22 only 19 are accessable. In addition to those 22 monsters you can also find the corpse of a dragon, which is also a quest containing rookgaard's best shield... Below are the monsters of rook which are ordered in hardest to easiest CR or challange rateing. The CR is the minimal level that you should attempt to take the monster on average skills/eqp for your level. CR X are monsters that are now inaccessible, and CR S goes into specifics as it depends on eqp and skills. Please note, this guide is for begginers to the game, and will most likely not apply to experinced players
Name: Rabbit Exp: 0 CR: 1

Loot: Meat, Carrots, Eggs (Easter)

Tactics: Avoid its leather blows XD

Name: Sheep Exp:0 CR:1

Loot: Meat, Ham

Tactics: None

Name: Deer     Exp:0 CR:1

Loot: Meat, Ham

Tactics: One of the fastest monsters on rookgaard, ranks second to wasps, if one was to attack you, you could not outrun it XD

Name: Rat   Exp:5 CR:1

Loot: Cheese, Gold peices

Tactics: Probablly one of the first monsters any player faces, make sure to heal occasionally if you are still at level one with basic eqp, as these can kill you in gangbangs

Name: Snake: Exp:10 CR:1

Loot: None

Tactics: In some cases these are easier then rats at level 1, as a matter of fact the only dangerous part about them is that they poison you. They are just a tad bit harder then rats and easier than cave rats.

Name: Cave Rat Exp:10 CR:2-3

Loot: Cheese, Jackets, Gold peices

Tactics: These monsters have higher defences then rats and snakes and hit harder as well. Hence i recomend some eqp upgrades before takeing them for your first time.

Name: Spider Exp:12 CR: 2-3

Loot: Gold Peices

Tactics: These Monsters are probablly on the same difficulty rateing as cave rats, with only slightly higher attack and defence...

Name: Wolf   Exp:18 CR: 4

Loot: Meat

Tactics: These are a sudden jump on the difficulty scale, as their attacks are much higher then previouslly experinced monsters, though their defence remains low which allows you to kill them quick, one of the most common monsters on all of rookgaard...

Name: Troll Exp:20 CR:4

Loot: Hand Axes, Wooden shields, leather helmets, spears, rope, silver amulet, meat, gold peices

Tactics: The troll unlike the wolf has a dramatic defence increase. They also drop some of the more useful rook eqp such as silver amulets and ropes. In addition they are good to train on and drop good amounts of gp

Name: Bug Exp:18 CR:4-5

Loot: Cherries, gold peices

Tactics: The next big step up, and another common monster. In addition to their dramatic attack value increase, their defence also goes up. If more then one is attacking you and your shield breaks, you are in trouble...

Name: Wasp Exp:24 CR:5

Loot: none

Tactics: Though many people fear wasps and run away from them, that is not what you should do. They are the fastest monster on rook and hence running does no good. Whats more running away from them gives them an attack advantage which is what kills most people. When faced with one just kill it, when faced with more then one try to find a place to hide or take them one on one, one at a time...

Name: Orc Exp:25 CR:5-6

Loot: Sabre, Studded Armor, Studded helmet, Axe, Studded shield, meat, gold peices

Tactics: These monsters have a pretty good attack, and their defence is that of a bug and troll averaged together. They drop the best npc buying item, studded helmet, and also other things you can sell for a decent price

Name: Bear Exp:23 CR:5-6

Loot: Ham, Meat

Tactics: Bears are encountered in packs and hence hit you for alot of damage, try to get them into a one on one, or two on one setup. Even then they have a good attack and a high defence. But overall they really aren't worth the trouble so avoid them.

Name: Poison Spider Exp:22 CR:5-6

Loot: Gold peices

Tactics: This monster prolly kills the most people on rookgaard. They have high attacks, and deal on average 25+ poison damage. Most players find themselves fighting several posion spiders and then the regular spiders, by all means if two ps are attacking you and 5 regular spiders are as well, kill the regular spiders first, they break your shielding and allow the ps to damage/posion you. Afterwords kill the ps and you will be home free. Once again another monster not worth the time for loot dropped/exp unless you really know what you are doing.

Name: Skeleton Exp:35 CR: 7

Loot: Brass shield, Mace, Viking helmet, Hatchet, gold peices

Tactics: Drops the best loot on rook perhaps, you can make a nice loot bag and if you get back to town make a few hundred gp easily. But beware of life drain... it hurts

Name: Goblin Exp:25 CR:7

Loot: Small Axe, small stones, short sword, dagger, leather armor, leather helmet, bone, moldy cheese, fish, gold peices

Tactics: These lil buggas have a nasty ranged attack. If you are engageing several monsters and the gobo runs away from you finish it off first before you engage the other monsters, dropping it to red only disables it's melee attacks, not its ranged.

Name: Orc Spearmen Exp:38 CR: S

Loot: Spear, Machete, Studded Legs, Studded helmet, meat, gold peices

Tactics: One of rookgaard's elite monsters, possiblly the hardest one. If you are soloing one, with no one in the way then it is best to chuck spears at it from a distance. Then it only attacks you once every 4-7 rounds. If you approach it it will throw spears at you almost every step of the way, penatraing your armor and shield and dealing raw damage. Before meleeing one, i suggest a 18+ melee skill and at least 3 life fluids just in case. Attacking in a group is another story, as you break it's shielding and it dies quickly. It drops rooks best legs, studded legs and studded helmets to sell. It has a good defence and a nasty melee/ranged attack, though it's ranged attack dwarf's its melee.

Name: Minotaur Exp:50 CR: S

Loot: Mace, Axe, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Shovel, Bronze Amulet , meat, gold peices

Tactics: The second of rook's elite monsters. It has a good attack and a good defence. It also drops excellent loot and the uber rare, bronze amulet. Try to take it faceing it, you deal max damage that way, and keep track of how long it ussually takes you to kill it. If it takes unusually long, 9/10 times it will drop a chain armor. I recomend 17 skills and a full rook set, along with several mana fluids to take the bugga in melee, and even a level 1 with 10 distance can run and kill em in distance.

Name: Rotwork Exp:40 Cr: S

Loot: Mace, Sword, Legion Helmet, Copper Shield, Katana , meat, ham, gold peices

Tactics: The last of rook's elite monsters. This creature drops the overall best loot on rook, including 3 peices of the rook set. The problem? Dropping anything other then gold and food is hard to do, but when it happens it makes you real happy. They hit real hard and have a real good defence. Don't try soloing them until you have 19 skills and at least 4 emergancy life fluids. also positon yourself as follows, faceing up, x's representing you, and o's the rot with E's as empty space around u, you deal max damage this way and take less damage yourself




Name: Ghoul Exp:85 Cr: X

Loot: Knife, Scale Armor, Brass Helmet, Viking Helmet, Skull, Torch, Small Ruby , Life Ring , gold peices

Story: This monster is rumored to have used to be accessable via the katana room, which is also called the ghoul room. But the fact that they heal fast and damage fast not to mention have a high defence would make them hard to kill.

Name: Minotaur Mage Exp:150 CR: X

Loot: Combat Knife, Brass Armor, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Chain Legs, Dead Snake, Fireball Rune, Torches, Carrots, Gold Peices

Story: The second legendary rookgaard monster, the keeper of mino hell, and rumored guardian of the Sof. This monster when accesable dropped brass armor, which is part of the legendary rookgaard set. It is the hardest of the legendary rook creatures as it's fireballs can kill any unprepaired rookgaardian in a single blast, approach with extreme caution.

Name: Cyclops: Exp:150 Cr: X

Loot: Short Sword, Battle Shield, Plate Shield, Wolf Teeth Chain, Halberd, Dark Helmet , Club Ring, meat, ham, gold peices

Story: Hidden deep in the bowls of rookgaard lives a lone cyclops. The least known of the rookgaard legendary monsters, has never been accessable, and hence it's loot never spilled into the population of rookgaard, truely a sight to see..

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