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    In the history of the world, there's quite a few things that have gotten out of control, people who've gotten too big for their boots, things that have started out positive and become negative. In these kinds of situations, when the proverbial automobile of goodness is careening down the slick slope of monstrosoty, there are people and organizations made up of people who have sprung forward to save the automobile--or at least attempt to save those within it.

     That's what we're here for, and if you're here, then you already know about the megamaxitropolis called Neopets. We, the two people running this site, love Neopets. We've been in Neopets for a long time, but we realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with it. We don't dare reveal our identities for fear of our accounts being frozen, but here's some issues we feel that you, as a Neopets member, deserve to be aware of. The Neopets Team (TNT) is 
not an unstoppable force. If we get together and speak up, they have to hear us.

     Maybe this is just an online gaming community, and maybe we're taking it too far. But think about this: Adam, Donna, and the rest of TNT make their living off of us. Isn't it time we were treated with respect instead of being treated like trash?

     Neopets used to be a haven, but it's going downhill fast. Only together can we do something to save the site we love from compelte annihilation, so join us! The only way a bug can be killed is with pesticide--the only way Neopets can be cured is with
We're not  happy.
And Neopets deserves to find that out.
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