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Thing to be include:
Training Guide
Game Guides
Trophy Guide
Site Links
Neopets Tips!
Daily To Dos

Battledome Tips
Battledome Guide
Battledome Challengers


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Mystery Island Training School

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
New Happenings!
13th May
New weapons added to
One Use Weapons Guide!
Weapons for Beginners has now been created! More weapons will be added soon!

11th November
Codestone Guide Updated!
Dubloon Guide Completed!
Bottled Faerie Guide added!

9th November
Codestone Guide updated!
Dubloon Guide added!
Avatar Guide updated!

7th November
Prices of
One Use weapons updated!
Wheel of Knowledge help page updated!
My Goals:
Save more nps! Current Target: 2 mil nps!
Train up my pet!
Buy more bd weapons!
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pet's page for more details:P!
Got any suggestions? Feel free to drop a mail to [email protected]! Thks!
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