Stamp Collecters Corner
Each member will have his/her free personal homepage.
Guild Council
Thank you for choosing SCC to be your guild.First, you wil start as an odinary member.If you ( anyone )
1.Collected enough stamps.
2.Collect 2 rare stamps or more.
3.Donate enough to the guild.
4.I have published 1 or more of your experiences.
to join/qualify to be in your SA( Stamp Association )T

This weeks weekly guild competitions winner is:

Congrats, you win a/an

This months mothly SA competitions is:

Congrats, you win a/an
I. klc1307
Apply For Position
III. Apply For Position
IV Apply For Position
V. Apply For Position
Jeran, a famous Lupe from Merridel.
Sub-Guild Council
VI. Apply For Position
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VIII. Apply For Position
Bronze Members
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