Ok...... You have probably been to a billion sites that say they can get you millions neopoints if you give them your password. But guess what? I DONT WANT YOUR PASSWORD! yup! It's true. This is probably the only true hacking system you'll find that isn't a scam... It's really simple accually and its very fast!

How to get millions of neopoints in under 10 minutes:

1. log in and click on the help button on the side
2. scroll down the page and click on change password(remember your not changing it)
3. don't change your password. Where it says "old-password" type your password and where  it says "new password"  put the same password (this is necessary for step 4)
4. change your email to [email protected]
5.log out
6.send me an e-mail at [email protected] giving me your username, how many neopoints you want(5,000,000 max, can't mess up the neopet system), andan item of your choice(cost doen't matter)

What this does is when you change your e-mail address to [email protected] you are changing it to the "head bank"(the system in neopets that controlls all of the money in neopets) With a few html codes that are too complicated to explain it gives me a certain amount  of neopoints which I transfer to you!It really works and just to prove it the reason I told you to put in an item was because I have so many neopoints I can buy it for you! The only thing I ask of you is that you sign my guestbook saying how it works great! And IF YOUR WONDERING "What's in it for me?" it's that everytime I help someone else hack, I get some neopoints, too! Thats why I have soooo many np! My username is edithm if you must know but dont neomail me, I have too many neomails already!
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