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Welcome to Neopetropolis!

Neopetropolis is a heavily moderated board run by Shadrow, thePlushieQueen, Lobe Hangers, Goofling, and Slipknotbondage13. MickeyCT is the original creator and we'd also like to extend "Thanks!" to Fia who used to be a moderator.

When entering Neopetropolis, You will be safe from all scams. We also frown on people who do come in and try to get passwords. NEVER ever give out your password under any circumstances!

Regulars that visit this ezboard are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms! If you're new and want to join us, You can start by posting a message in the Welcomes and Introductions forum.

Neopetropolis is GOLD!. We'd like to thank everyone for donating to the board! If you'd like to help Neopetropolis stay gold, Feel free to donate, Thank you!

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