neopet cheats
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Code Effect
scarabaeus 30 second bonus in Sutek's Tomb
plzsutekcanihavemoretime 30 second time bonus in suteks tomb g
a5paragu5 Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Member
rainbownegg Creates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doom
turdle creates a turdle on your opponents side
Scallywags Creates a whirlpool in dubloon disaster!
buuuurrrrrrrrp decreases your bloat by 50% in snowmuncher
fishnegg Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free points

marrow Extra Life
frumball Extra life in Frumball
spiderbite Extra Life in Korbat's Lab
kreludor Extra life in Kreludan Mining Corp.
hungrymeepits Extra life in Meepit Juice Break
trappedkadoaties Extra life in Warf Rescue Team
slumberberry Gets rid of blocks in Faerie Bubbles
lava Gives you a shield in Volcano Run
marrow Gives you an extra life in Attack of the Slorgs
boohooiwanttheoldgameback In Destruct-O-Match II lets you play the original version (type on the mode select screen)
FaerieBubbles Make all bubbles turn into one type.
dirigibles Makes a blimp float across the screen of mynci beach volleyball.
custard More time in Carnival of Terror
dieter Multiplies your score in Snowmuncher by 100 but it does not stay like that.
rehaxtint One extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thade
doughnutfruit Reset the timer in Hasee Bounce (once per game)
juice-o-matic Resets ALL meepit's timers in Meepit Juice Break
ummaginethief Skip level in Grand Theft Ummagine (but resets your score)
kougra Skips level in frumball
kougra Skips level on Meriball, but resets points.
superbowl Skips levels in gourmet club bowls
pyramibread Sutek's Tomb - Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)
stardust Turns current bubble in to a Nova Bubble in Faerie Bubbles
faerieland Turns current bubble in to a Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubbles
sheperd x2 score in Gourmet Food Bowls
The Faerie Queen
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