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Added Stuff | Sunday, Sept. 21/03 | By: webmaster | E-Mail me!  
I've added another page called Rare Foods List. All it is is a almost complete list of all the foods you'll need to eat to get 1st in the Gourmet Club. Click on the letter at the top of the Rare foods page to bring you to the letter you want.

Visit the Rare foods page

I've also added a complete list of all the books your pet can read in Neopets. If you manage to read all these books, then you'll win the Neopian Book Award.

Visit the Book List page

There are also game links to the left of the page, however i havent completed it do to lazinees, muscle tensions, broken finges, etc....

New World? | Thursday, Sept. 4/03 | By: webmaster | E-Mail me!  
If you look on the 'Explore' page on Neopets, and skim down a little, it says: "Mini Worlds: Roo Island". Upon visiting this island, there was only one thing to click on. Could this mini world develop into a full time world? Visit Roo Island
Here's a small pic (click to enlarge):

New + Improved! | Thursday, Sept. 4/03 | By: webmaster | E-Mail me!  
Everything on NCG is being revised. Obviously some things have changed in a year, so im going to take a look at everything and revise all the files to keep them up to date. In the meanwhile, i've added links to all the games on Neopets to the right of the screen. I've also added more links to the menus on the left.

We have a new visual: Dubloon Disaster! Yay! I really like this game because it really pays out, and this visual really helps you avoid mines, and destroy them.
I also have added alot more hints to the archives (if you haven't noticed yet). Thanks to everyone who emailed me asking me to add more stuff. I'm doing the best I can, but don't forget, I do go to school so i don't have lots of time to put into this site.

New Worlds! | Thursday, Nov. 7/02 | By: webmaster | E-Mail me!  
To the North of Meridell, to the far far north, a gigantic, stone citadel has been spotted. A monolith of what we can only assume to be evil, it hangs forebodingly in the air

(click for full image)

Deep within the Haunted Woods lies a spooky old fairground. It looks like it might have been a lot of fun before *something* drove everyone away...

(click for full image)

New Items! | Thursday, Nov. 7/02 | By: webmaster | E-Mail Me!  
Finally Neopets has released the ghost paint brushes. It will be very hard to find one in the shop wizard probably because they will all go for 100,000 NP, but here's some pics:

New Items! | Wednesday, October 23/02 | By: wc3_freak | E-Mail me!  
Cool! Neopets has released some new colorful items for your scorchio (if you have one). The only way to get them, unfortunately is to purchase an item from Limited Too stores, and enter your code. You might get lucky and recieve on of these Starry Scorchio items:

Unreleasd Acara! | Tuesday, October 22/02 | By: big_np_freak_2002|  
Hey cool, look what I found! It's a new unreleased version of a Stone Acara. I hope that the paintbrush comes out soon.

Thanks to big_np_freak_2002 for the picture! Send us some more stuff!

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Faerie Cloud Racers
Feed Florg
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Grundo Snowthrow
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Invasion of Meridell
Jelly Processing Plant
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MAGAX: Destroyer
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Multiplayer: Geos
Ice Caves Puzzle
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Maths Nightmare
Plushie Tycoon
Poogle Solitare
Raiders of Maraqua
Sewage Surfer
Spell or Starve
Techo Says
Castle of Eliv Thade
Word Poker

If you would like to submit a cheat or a hint for any games, or just anything about Neopets that you think needs to be said, then by all means, e-mail me! If you sent us some news, or behind the scenes work on Neopets, then we'll post it on our home page, with your neopets user name right beside it. If you sent us some cheats or hints, then they will be posted along with your name on the Cheats and Hints page.

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