My Rants
Chia Bomber- whenever you die, you have to start at the begining of the level with all the bombers back, and you lose all points that you got from that level before you died.  This is absurd to me, you should just die and have to finish the last of the bombers.

Neohomes- you can't take furniture back out! and what is the purpose of these things anyway? i think they should work on the trading card game instead of the Neohomes, and those stupid garden gnomes aren't worth a lick of np, i bought some, thinking they will go up at least a hundred or two np once they stopped giving them away, but they went down!!!

Pause buttons for the games--they really need pause buttons for the games, its like, im sittin here playing Chute, the phone rings, and i gotte leave my best game ever to get the phone! this would be helpful on all the games that are nonstop that don't have breaks between levels.
On this page you will find a list of things that i think are very annoying and should be changed.  If you want me to post a rant here, just put it in my message book!
GRRRRRRRRRRR, these should be changed
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