PTERATTACK! Strategy Guide
This is a really fun game I think, and you can make some good nps for every time you play.  There are 4 different guns that you can get, and when you get multiple circles of the same color, they get more powerful. Here are the guns.

Red- The advantae of using this gun is that its the gun that you start with, so after the first red power-up, you already have one hit kills on the weakest birds.  It takes a bit to get this one up to full power, and you can only shot one show straight ahead of you, there is no spread on it.  I wouldn't use this one unless you get 2 or 3 really quick.

White- These power-ups flash red and white, and shoots a boomerang type shot that goes from side to side as it goes forward.  This gun is ok, but its not the best, i wouldn't recomend it.

Green- Spread, This Gun isn't to bad, i would say its second to the Blue gun, because as the name says, it spreads across the screen.

Blue- The best one, this one starts off weak like the red gun, but gets really good even after the second circle you get.  As the gun progresses, it spreads more and more across the width of the screen, and almost covers it all. Plus, the highest form of the gun can one shot kill all birds up to the Light Blue, drifting birds.  I always go for this one.

Thats the run down of the guns that you can get, and there isn't much that can help you on this game other than practice makes perfect.  Although, there are a couple of strategies that you can use to better your score.  the best way to do it is to stay about an inch above the bottom of the screen and make sure you have your sound on, so you can hear the evil laughing that signals that the Grarrl is coming up. Also, stay in the center to get the most birds unless you have to deal with the blue birds that come from the side, in that case, stay on the opposite side that the birds are coming from so that you can maneuver out of the way of them. And do remember that ou start off with four lives, but you get  a 1 up every 200 points, even though you can't go past four lives. Have Fun!!
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