My Tips and Tricks
"Only do, there is no try"
Here is a list of tips and tricks that i have thought up and come across while playing.  Its a mix of general tips that pretty much everyone knows and maybe some things that you didn't!

Make a routine that you do everyday or at least every time you get on
-  I get on every day, pick up an omelette, play tombola, go to Coltzan's Shrine, heal my pets, play fruit machine and spin the wheel of excitement, spin the wheel of mediocrity, buy a scratch card and now, i do Jhudora's Cloud.  I then just go and play a bunch of games to make np, the games that you play depends on what you are good at, i like meerca chase.

Get the Secret Labarotory Map- this is a definite must, i was skeptical at first, but it is awesome.  You collect the full map and you can zap one of your pets once every day.  I would suggest making a new pet, not one that you have the way you want, because it does have side effects like changing of sex and changing of species, but its worth it.  In a matter of a week, you could have  gotten 2 more points in each of you pets stats, which translates into over 25000 np at the island training school and at least 10 dubloons at the Krawk Academy.

Make a bank account and shop- yes, yes, i know that everyone has this on there website and that, but it is an absolute must.  The shop for making money by selling items, and the bank account to protect from the ghosts and get interest. But now the question arises, "Should i put all the money that i get into my bank account, or do i just spend it one my pets?.  Well, my policy is that the money that i gain through games and stuff like that i spend on things that i need and want for my pets, like codestones for training, food, books, medicine, faeries, etc. Then all the income i get from my shop i put straight into my bank account so that i always have reserve for those unexpected expenses, but without the treasure hunt and dubloons, i know put half of my income from games in the bank and keep the other half. I am saving until can live off the interest comfortably. i always get interest, and so i can save for the really big stuff, like paintbrushes, weapons, hidden tower items,  etc.

Protect Yourself!- I know that the neopets people say that this cannot happen, but it does, it happened to me and it set me back a lot and pissed the heck out of me.  I had 400000np in my bank account-all gone, 20 space map pieces in my shop-all gone, 50 dubloons in shop-all gone.  i have no idea how this happened but i think that it was because i clicked on a link that advertised something outragously cheap.  So now, if i see anything that advertises anything free, anything for super cheap, programs that say they give you np, i don't even look at it.  The bottom line is, if something sounds to good to be true, it is.  NEVER, and i mean, NEVER click something that sounds too good to be true.  It is pretty sad that someone has the time and the motivation to cheat like this one something lik Neopets, but people do it, and prevention is the best thing for it.

Games that i strongly suggest-  Here are some games that i would suggest that you at least try...

Meerca chase- this is a really good and fun game in my opinion.  Its basically snake, neopets style.  you can get 400-500np every play on this if you practice

Deckswabber- every neoplayer has to play this game, any player that doesn't are that ones that dont' have any money and their pets are weak.  With this game, you can get 1200 a day, if you stop when you hit 400, and a dubloon for each play, with a total of 3 a day.  Then you can either sell these dubloons or save them to buy petpets, smuggler's cove trinkets, or tran your pet.  doesn't matter what you do with them, but you can bet that the best neopet players play this game everyday. Complete Stupidity, this game doesn't give out dubloons anymore!

Cheat- I play this game all the time.  Once you get the hang of it and get the strategy down, you can make some real moolah off it.  Firstly, whenever you catch someone cheating, you get a small amount of nps.  Then, when you finish the round, you get a lump of nps and a battlecard or Trophie, which brings me to the next point, it is a REALLY easy trophy, and even if its common knowledge that it is an easy trophy, it still makes your cabinet that much better.

Destruct-O-Match- i suggest this game because it is quick and works with the slower computers.  I get about 300 each play from this game.  and if you better than me and strategise more than I do, than you can make far more.

Pyramids- this game is kinda slow and tedious, but the nps really start to add up.

Chute- Tetris, with a neopets twist, if you get 2000 points, you get 1000 nps, so if you play three times, you get three thousand, and that is not bad.  Kindof a long game, but if you like tetris, youll love this game.

Bumper Cars and Swarm!- I play these games just because they are so much fun

and finally...
Scorchy slots- this is a game of chance, and it also gets pretty tedious, but i usually come out ahead, not a lot ahead, a couple of hundred nps, but those times that i do hit the jackpot and get faeries and map pieces, it is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Make another account- now don't get me wrong, im not talking cheating, but make another account that you just feed, play some games with, that type of thing, don't neglect it, but you don't have to go that extra mile if you don't want to. This account is very useful.  Say you're on a quest, and instead of having to beg people to look for the item for you and have to pay commision, you just go onto the other accout, buy it, and transfer it to your other account, don't transfer anything else that will greatly help your main account, cuz that is cheating, and you don't want to get frozen, that would be really bad.

Join a Guild- Although you have to donate and that type of thing, Some guilds really help you out.  The guild that i am in will cure my pets for me if they are sick, and i can ask them about things that i need.  Different guilds offer different things, so i suggest checking out the guild before joining, and if you don't have a guild yet, go ahead and check out the Theives Guild!   Click the banner on my homepage!

To play or not to play the Gormet Cuisine Club?
- If you don't even know what i am talking about, then it is a big no that you shouldn't play it.  The way this game works is that when you feed your pet a food that has a rarity index between 90 and 100, they get a point.  Well, if you didnt start when it was first made, then don't make a mad rush to do this game, the leaders are already way ahead of you.  Plus all the money that you have to spend to get the food and then you have to count on the leaders taking a lapse in feeding their pets the cuisine food. Then, there is the problem that you can only feed your pet a certain amount every day.

The Garage Sale- This is awesome.  It located at the top of Terror Mountain in the igloo. What happens here is that the people there will restock at the restock times of stuff that is in their attic because they want to move, so everything is super cheap.  They stock everything too. Like chocolate, and furniture and books, and you can catch a faerie in there too.  make sure you check this out.

Follow the News- Whenever you see that a new neopian times is out, make sure you check it out.  Read the Editorials and the articles, a lot of them are good articles, others are just plain stupid and i have no idea why they would print those, versus my brilliant, ingenious articles that i keep sending, alas, no luck.  Also, make sure whenever you get on, you go to the news link on the sidebar, you will always know when there are changes to the site that are very important.

Collect Something!- This is just something that i do that isn't really a tip or anything lke that, but there are other things that you can do with those nps, like collecting stuff! i just started collecting plushies and i have been collecting the trading cards since i started. You can find something to collect too.  Not that you should go out and spend hundreds of thousands of nps on them, just if you see them in a shop for a reasonable price, go ahead and buy it.

Thats it for now! when i think of more or run across more, i will add them!
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