My Pets
These are the pets that currently own, though i am currently thinking about what kind of pet i want to make to use the lab ray on.   I am training my pets all the time, but my pets don't have any real weapons cuz im gonna wait until they are powerful enough to compete, and then i'll buy some good weapons.  I go in spurts with the books, sometimes i just buy 20 or so books and read them to my pets.  With games, my pets only have a few or none cuisine points, cuz i don't really play that game, ill never be able to catch up with the leaders, because i keep my pets well fed, i take care of my pets well. I sometimes put them in the beauty contest, but im not that good at drawing with a computer, but i think that i do ok, haven't won yet, but im gonna keep goin.  Do you notice a trend? Most of My names come from the books that i read and the movies that i see, i read a lot, so i name them from Lord of the Rings and the Earth Sea Trilogy, they're great books, i recomend them!  These are my pets!
This is Proximo812, I painted him with a fire paintbrush, he was my first Neopet, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, currently the smartest of the three, and will always will be, cuz im not spendin the money to buy that many books for each of my pets, i train them for the battledome first.  He has a fireball petpet named sparrowhawk.  Hmmmmmm, not much else to say about this guy.
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This is Sauron812, he is my second pet, i think i made him about a day after Proximo.  I painted him starry, but i am debating over whether or not to transmogrify him, they both look cool.  He is currently the most powerful of my pets, ok intelligence, but after im finished with Proximo, ill make Sauron smarter.  Sauron has a Skeleton Pirate petpet named Vetch.
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This is Tycho842, he is my third pet, he is kinda young so not that powerful yet, He was originaly a lupe, but this is the pet that i use the lab ray on, now he changes species all the time, so when i get him really powerful, ill stop with the lap ray and use a morphing potion to change him back to a lupe.Not much else to say about him other than that he has a Redtail petpet named Arren.
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care to make a deal with the devil?
This is my fourth and final pet, he is my newest. I wasn't gonna make another pet and try and get one of the special ones, but i was looking at what my pets would look like with a Halloween brush and i thought the Nimmo looked awesome, so i made one and painted it.  He has a Cobrall named Saruman.
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Can't talk, meditating
I'll sting you till your eyes puff up
I'll Burn you bad
This is Vetch
This is Sparrowhawk
This is Saruman
This is Arren
Note- lol, sorry, this stuff is a bit inaccurate,(actually, completely inaccurate) my petpets have totally changed, made them a lot cooler, and i would update it, but you know, i am just way too lazy right now, lol.
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