Gourmet Cuisine List
Apple and Custard Drops
Artichoke Cupcake
Asparagus Pie
Asparagus Balls

Banana Achyfi
Banana Grub
Bat Kebab
Blood Mole Plant
Blue Toobers
Blue Pepper Pizza
Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza
Brain Kebab
Bullseye Pizza

Cabbage Cup Cake
Caramel Poogle Biscuit
Caramel Skeith Surprise
Charcoal Jelly Beans
Cheesy Apple Stick
Cheesy Broccoli Bits
Chip Butty Pizza
Christmas Pudding
Choccy Chip Skeith Biscuit
Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie
Chocolate Caoted Tanngy Cheese
Chocolate Cream Biscuit
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
Chokato Chia Pop
Coco Juppie Mocha
Cloud Muffin
Coconut Juice Bowl
Cone Shaped Watermelon
Cone Shaped Lemon
Cone Shaped Carrot
Cone Shaped Cherry
Cone Shaped Strawberry
Corn Pyramid
Crunchy Bone Sandwich
Crystal Cookies
Crystal Crunch
Crystal One Soda
Crystal Taco
Crystal Turkey
Cube Shaped Cherry
Cube Shaped Lemon
Cube Shaped Orange
Cube Shaped Strawberry

Dark Chocolate Poogle
Dark Chocolate Shoyru
Dark Chocolate Skeith
Double Chocoalte Surprise
Dr. Backwash

Edible Tar Pizza
Exotic Plant
Extra Cheese Cheddar Crisps
Extra Gherkin Hotdog
Evil Blancmange
Evil Pinanna

Faerie Sparklecake
Fish Flavored Ice Cream
Fluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper
Fresh Lobster Tail
Frogleg Pizza
Frozen Negg
Fruit Stocking

Gargaraptor Arm
Ghost Marshmellows
Golden Juppie
Green Chrysaberry
Grundos House Special
Grundos Luxury Kebab

Hair Stuffed Maggot
Healthy Grass Hot Dog
Hit Tyrannian Pepper

Intestines and Marinara

Jelly Covered Greycorn
Jelly Finger
Jolly Green Jiggling Jelly
Juppiemint Bar

Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
Lemon Blitz Mega
Lemon Sherbert Jelly Beans
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg

Megachili Hotdog
Mild Burnumup
Mini Oreo Chocolate Creme
Mint Chocolate Blumaroo
Mint Chocolate Chia
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
Moint Chocolate Kacheek
Mint Chocolate Lupe
Mint Chocolate Peophin
Minty Choccywhip
Murky Green
Mustard and Tofu Dog


Orange Chocolate Scrochio

Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie
Parsnip Pie
Peach Jelly
Peachy Pizza
Peachpa Stuffed Potato
Pickled Onion
Pinanna Plus
Poogle Biscuit
Puntec Fruit
Prime Beef and Chicken Meatballs
Pretty Pink Easter Negg
Pyramid Pear

Radish Meringue
Radish and Cheese
Radish Pie
Reinbow Melt Pizza
Rainbow Negg
Raptraphant Leg
Rest in Peace of Chicken

Salmon Sherbert Mega
Slithering Snake Taco
Smelly Sardine Wrap
Sour Melon
Space Slush
Spooky Jelly Brains
Spooky Handwich
Sporle Leg
Spotted Pudding with Custard
Strange Pinanna
Starfish Pizza
Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
Strawberry Chia Pop
Strawberry Fondant Surprise
Strawberry Poogle Biscuit
Sunny Delight Caribbean Style
Super Spicy Jelly Beans

Taco Dog
Terry Berry
Tigersquash Spectacular
Turkey Dinner
Turannian Water Negg

Ugly Pinanna

Vionanna Mince Pie

Waffle Burger
Water Pizza
Watermelon Roll
Whomp Berries

Yummy Healthshroom
Yummy Drops


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