Since Neopets does not allow Contests on the Site, i'm gonna have one here! Weekly, (i'll try), contests will be going on here.  You may or may not have to spend nps to participate, but the Prize will always be either a full set of Faeries or a set of codestones.

Current Contest- I still need more articles and game guides and the like.  The person that sends me the best article or guide will win a set of Faeries!! you can write a set of tips and hints, or you can write a guide to a game, or just an article about Neopets! so get writing! This contest ends on April 25, which is one month. Send all Entries to my email, [email protected] or send them to my Neopets account, Mantis812000. I'll extend that if i don't get enough entrys. Have Fun!!!

Hide and Seek- This is a really fun game, our undercover agent is hiding among the jetsams, and he has bet a handsome reward that noone can find him, can you?  You will know that you have found him when you click on him and he will come out of his hiding place.  Have Fun!

I love to Gamble!
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