Funny Neopets Pranks
These pranks are really fun, all you do is you copy and paste the HTML code above the example of the prank into your shop description(or anywhere else you want it), it looks most natural right at the top.  These actually work! when you click the link it does what the event says it does, but don't worry, after you close the window it tells you that you have been pranked. Have Fun!

Disclaimer- these pranks have been borrowed from Here,
you can find a link to their website in the link section of my website.
Sale at The Hidden Tower

Something has happened!
The Faerie Queen whispers in your ear, we are having a SALE in the Hidden Tower, Come quickly, it will not last long!
Lab Ray Gone Beserk!

Something has happened!
He He, how would you like a FREE shot with the Lab Ray? Click Here, but keep it a secret!
Rod Of Ultranova

Something has happened!
You find a Rod Of Ultranova just lying on the ground, Some people! it has been placed in Your Inventory
Chiazilla Attack!

Something has happened!
Chiazilla appears, he EATS YOUR PETS! Before stomping off, belching loudly.
Accounting Error

Something has happened!
An embarrassed Bank Manager walks up and tells you that due to an accounting error, your Bank Account has been wiped!!!!!
Something has happened!
You find a mistical Codestone and skim it over a nearby lake.
Nerkmids Can Fly?
Something has happened!
You pick up an Ultra Platinum Nerkmid and decide that it will make a good boomerang, bad idea. It whizzes off into the distance.
Naughty Faerie
Something has happened!
The tooth faerie walks up to you and yanks out one of your teeth!
I told him not to have Jelly walls!
Something has happened!
Your NeoHome collapses.
Ouch, that REALLY hurt!
Something has happened!
You walk into the Hidden Tower, THUD!
Week you are
Something has happened!
You find a Golden Butter Knife, but it is to heavy for you so you swap it with a friend for a much more lightweight plastic one.
Reality Check!
Something has happened!
Random Reality Check

Remember none of this is real. But you will still be hopelessly addicted to this site FOREVER. Ha Ha Ha
Chocolate Dubloons
Something has happened!
You pick up a One Thousand Dubloon Coin, just to make sure you bite into it. Ahh, chocolate.
Something has happened!
This is one of those random events which make it look like you have got something good, until you read the text that is.
Smelly Neighbour
Something has happened!
Your NeoNeighbour comes up to you in a gas mask and INSISTS that you install a Toilet for your pet in your neohome!
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