Important Times and Secrets
All times in Neopian Central Time

Restock Times are Completely Random Now, i like the new system ,you get a better chance of getting good items.

The Snowager Sleeps- 1-2 am, 1-2pm, 8-9 pm, and 10-11pm

Employment Agency Times- 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes past the hour

Giveaway Times
Balthazar Faerie Giveaway- 6 am
Chocolate- 5:50 on sundays

How do you get a Krawk- You have to buy a Krawk petpet at the Krawk Island petpet store, or you have to find one at the trading post, cuz nobody is selling them cheap enough to sell them in their shop, but i would recommend saving for a very loooooooooong time, they go for at least 300,000 np at the trading post, most people are asking for a million.  So what you do is you have to have only three pets.  You give the petpet to one of your pets and name it the name that you want your krawk pet to be.  Then you go to Fungus cave and feed it to your krawk petpet, and voila! its a cool new pet that cost you a million!  In my opinion, i want one but im not gonna get one because with the money that it takes to buy one, i can make the pets that i already have so much better.  If i happen to stumble across a cheap one or someone was being generous or something, i would get one.

Secret to beating Punchbag Bob- ok, Punchbag Bob has 5000 hp so it would take a very long time to beat normally, so heres what you do.  You select 2 weapons and set it on fierce attack.  Then, you click attack, but don't just wait for the page to load, because then you have to select them again and all that. So when you hit the attack button, wait about a second, just enough time for the info to be sent to neopets, and its registered as an attack, then hit the button again.  Keep doing this every 1 second or so and after a couple of minutes, he is beaten!  And you have another trophy for your cabinet!

More than one scratch card!!- you have to pay for each one, but when you have multiple windows made smaller that are close to each other, all on the "buy ticket" page, you can click real quick the "Ill take one please" button on each one and you get multiple scratchcards of you are quick enough!

Donate! Donate! Donate!- once a day, or everytime you get on, just buy a couple of Bottles of Sands or a couple of omelettes, and donate them. I've noticed that since i started donating, i've gotten a lot more good random events, i've gotten better scratchcards, and done a lot better at the wheel of excitement.

Auctions!- this is actually pretty funny, ok, what you do is you buy  a bunch of cheap stuff (1np up to 100 about) like healing potions and that, and you stick them in the actions at inflated prices (not too much or its not believable), each increment is 5np, and set it for 2 days, and people will actually buy them!! you might not sell them all, but i just sold three healing potions at 500 apiece when i got them for 70np!!!

When i find more, i will post them! Have Fun!

The Raging Grarrl went on an expedition to Find these codes, although our Lara isn't as hot
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