I know that when i wanted to spice up my shop and my profile page, i spent a lot of time on the chat boards to find out how, well, i will save you the trouble with the links i have here! I have a link to the Official Neopet HTML help page, which will give you a good base as to what you need to do. Then, i have a link to zah_12780's member profile page, and she is awesome at it, and it has directions on how to get to her pet's pages and all the good stuff there.  I also have some directions that you might want or need, if you already know HTML, or have already done everything you want to your shop, then this will be kinda boring for you, cuz its just the basics for anyone that doesn't know what to do
The link above will take you to the official HTML Help pages from Neopets, they helped me out a lot
This profile is just great, you have to read what it says (don't worry, not a lot, just a sentence), that tells you where the HTML stuff is, it tells you how you can customize your own profile.  It has links to other good HTML help websites, check it out!

Where do you paste these codes you ask? just click the chat link on the sidebar and scroll down and it will have a space to paste it in.  Have Fun!!

Note- there is still info in Zah's pet's pages, but most of the user lookup info is now in her guild, so just use that link too.
When you want to customize your shop, all you do is you paste the code of the banner or the fake item (those are cool, check out my shop), into the space where you type the description of your shop, and it will show up when you go there!

Now the other thing that involves HTML slightly is the special text in the chat boards.  All you do is you click one of the buttons that show up when you want to answer a post and it will look somewhat like this
[glow c=orange w=300 s=2]TEXT[/glow]
All you do, is you delete TEXT and type what you want in there, and it will look cool then!
The link above will take you to the sometimes not known page of fun images, backgrounds, and other stuff that you can use, they give you the HTML code to paste and they give you a bunch of pictures that you can use to tile and make a background and make your shop or website look cool! These are fun.
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Your user lookup will almost be as cool as me...
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